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30 Years... Doesn't Seem That Long

On a crisp North Carolina spring day, back in 1982, a new kind of grocery store was created. The founders took their life savings and put it all into their dream: a fresh take on grocery shopping. They wanted to bring back the old-world charm of the market and on March 5, they opened The Fresh Market for business.

Right away you could tell this store, and the shopping experience, was different. Fresh cut flowers, fresh cut meats, fresh produce… even free samples of fresh brewed coffee. It was a drastic change from the over-commercialized, impersonal warehouse stores of the time. The Fresh Market was warm and inviting. The space was small, but filled with bulk items, rustic decorations, and an open-air feel that just made The Fresh Market feel like the general store of yesteryear, right down to the friendly face running the store. Every employee knew most every customer by name and by order.

In over 30 years not much has changed. The Fresh Market still plays classical music, still supports local growers and charities, and each employee gives a warm greeting and great assistance. The only thing that has changed? The number of The Fresh Markets.