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Hot Hatch Chile Case

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Hatch Chiles are here!

Fresh from the fields of Hatch, New Mexico, Hatch Chiles are here! Fresh or roasted, mild or hot, these seasonal favorites are only available for a limited time. $35 for a 25 lb. box (pre-roasted weight).

Available for pick-up only.
Please choose if you would like the chiles roasted during checkout. Roasted chiles not available in all stores.


NM Hatch Green Chile addiction

The mother ship has finally arrived in NY!! I am a Philly native, transplanted to NM for 19 yrs and on to NY, and the stuff grows on you. Green Chile stew is where your heart and stomach come together in amazing gastronomical delight. This precious NM commodity can be used in everything or by itself. I.E. Pizza topping, Green Chile Stew, mixed in eggs, mixed in hashbrowns, Chile Rellenos, side dishes, with meats, on hot dogs, or whatever you want really. It WILL grow on you. It's a seasonal product, so grab the REAL deal while supplies last. Trust me the flavor is amazing.

-El Scorcho, on 8/26/14


I miss New Mexico. These are the best green chiles I have ever had. When I lived in NM a friend and I would freeze as many as our small freezers would hold. I can still remember the wonderful scent of them roasting. Makes me homesick.

-Sandie, on 8/16/14

Hatch chile

We grew up in New Mexico. So this is a staple. A must have! So being so far away from from, it's great to be able to get this from the fresh market and not have to pay shipping from home. This chile is the best. Nothing else compares.

-Autumn, on 8/13/14

taste of home... YUM!

Two years ago I walked into the Fresh Market for the first time, two weeks after NM Hatch chiles were roasted at the store. I made sure to get to the store last year during chile roasting time in NM to make sure I could catch the batch that was coming to Florida. I was so happy to have the chance to get some New Mexico green chile's freshly roasted at my neighborhood Fresh Market. Now my mom doesn't have to dry chiles and ship them to me. These are the same ones from home, with a bit of a delivery charge... but oh so worth it! I am just finishing up the batch that I bought and froze last year, so it is time to stock up again!

-Candice, on 8/11/14

These are the Best of the Best Chile's

Last fall I spent 2 weeks in Santa Fe NM and had my firsthand experience of Hatch Chile' could stop roadside where vendors were roasting smelled so good I had to stop and get some...long story short I fed-ex a bushel basket of the roasted ones frozen home...they didn;t last very long they were so yummy..glad to see you carry you roast them too? Will be in on Aug. 16th for the Hatch Chile Fest at TFM

-Bart , on 8/11/14

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