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Beyond Burger Basics

Move over cheese and ketchup…today’s burgers are finding new partners for the grill!  Whether it’s a spicy seasoning in the meat mixture or a twist on traditional toppings, burgers are going beyond bland and boring with rich flavors and fresh ingredients. 

Spice It Up

Fresh and dried spices and herbs make great, simple burger add-ins.  Some of our favorites include: garlic, chives, cayenne pepper, oregano and basil.  For more complex flavors, spice mixtures used for rubs, soups and salad dressings make delicious (and EASY!) burger add-ins.  Some of our favorites:

  • Instant Gourmet’s Caribbean Isle Spice Rub – add this mix to your patty, then top with grilled pineapple slices and sweet barbeque sauce for a tropical treat
  • Lysander’s Beef Rub – The perfect blend of spices and herbs to compliment your beef burgers. 

Better Than Sliced Cheese

Cheese doesn’t have to be sliced and slapped on your burger.  Crumbled and shredded cheeses make great mix-ins and help add moisture and texture to your burger.  Some of our favorite mixed-in cheeses include feta, blue cheese, gouda and of course, sharp, rich cheddar. 

Extraordinary Additions

Mushrooms, olives, capers and garlic cloves make divine burger add-ins.  Chop or grind in a food processor and add to your meat. 

  • Chopped Kalamata olives and crumbled feta cheese make a distinctive burger – try it on a toasted foccacia bread for a truly different burger. 
  • Minced garlic and chopped mushrooms add texture and flavor - top with aged Swiss or sliced Gouda and serve on toasted French Bread.
  • Asian Inspired – Add an Asian twist with soy sauce mixed into the meat and then drizzle the finished burger with Terrapin Ridge Smoky Wasabi Sauce
  • Add some heat with your favorite ground pepper or add a few spoonfuls of Frontera Chipotle Salsa.  Top with guacamole then pepperjack cheese for one hot burger!
  • Add Italian flair to your burger with a few tablespoons of TFM Marina Sauce, grated mozzarella cheese and Bella Cucina’s Olive Pesto mixed into your burger. 

Top Ideas 

Lettuce, cheese and dill pickles aren’t the only toppings worthy of delicious, gourmet burgers.  Some note-worthy toppings to try:

  • Tony Packos Chili Sauce and fresh Coleslaw for a Southern Classic
  • Caramelized Onions, grilled bell-peppers and fire-roasted tomatoes are great twists on fresh produce. 
  • Red, White & Blue Slaw Salad – a delicious blend of Applewood Smoked Bacon, Blue Cheese, Slaw and Cherry Tomatoes. 
  • Beyond ketchup, relish and mustard, these unique sauces and spreads are easy and delicious additions to your burger:  Stonewall Kitchen’s Vidalia Onion Fig Sauce, Rothschilds Creamy Horseradish or House of Parliaments Steak Sauce.