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Dinnertime is Fresh Time

Dinnertime is the best time to slow down and experience food. It’s time to chop, dice and slice your way to the perfect home cooked meal. Relax and enjoy a dish made from delicious and fresh ingredients from The Fresh Market. Choose from the best selection of naturally sourced, farm grown, local, and regional foods from across the nation and around the globe. Then let The Fresh Market help you turn your kitchen into a gourmet restaurant with delightful recipes, cooking tips and gourmet foods.

  1. Herb Guide

    Spice up your holiday with Fresh Organic Herbs from The Fresh Market. From Basil and Marjoram to Sage and Rosemary, we are pleased to offer 15 Fresh Organic Herbs for a delicious and healthy way to infuse fresh flavors into your holiday dishes.

  2. Cooking Chart

    When you're preparing your holiday meal, it can easily lead to a hectic time in the kitchen, especially when you're preparing a wide variety of dishes that require different heating temperatures and times in the oven.

  3. What's for Dinner

    Ahh, the perpetual question…what’s for dinner? Summer is an ideal time to head outside and fire up the grill. And, with so many options available from our Meat Department, we’ve got something that is sure to make your mouth water.

  4. Pizza on the Grill

    There is nothing better than relaxing outside on a beautiful spring evening with dinner on the grill. You keep the house cool, enjoy the weather and treat yourself to a delicious meal!