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Herb Guide

Spice up your holiday with Fresh Organic Herbs from The Fresh Market. From Basil and Marjoram to Sage and Rosemary, we are pleased to offer 15 Fresh Organic Herbs for a delicious and healthy way to infuse fresh flavors into your holiday dishes. Some of the most popular holiday choices include:


Flavor: bold, spicy
Cook with: chicken, lamb


Flavor: oniony
Cook with: potatoes, salmon


Flavor: earthy, bold
Cook with: lamb, pork, poultry

Bay Leaf

Flavor: spicy, pungent
Cook with: soups, gumbo


Flavor: italian, peppery
Cook with: spaghetti sauces


Flavor: lemony, fresh
Cook with: salmon, salads


Flavor: piney, lemony
Cook with: lamb, beef, potatoes


Flavor: earthy, peppery
Cook with: poultry, pork


Pairs well with ginger, garlic, stri-fry, Asian beef dishes, coconut-based curries and soups


The citrusy taste of cilantro goes great with fresh salsa, chili and ethnic foods


An all-purpose herb that will bring out the flavors in whatever food it is added to. Often used as a garnish in Italian dishes


With its distinctive licorice flavor, tarragon is wonderful in salads and ethnic rice dishes

How to Make a Bouquet Garni

Bouquet Garni is a French herbal mixture. It consists of a collection of herbs, gathered together and tied into a bundle or sachet in cheesecloth, or directly tied together when using fresh herbs. Bouquet Garni is used to enhance the flavor of stews, broths or stocks.

  1. Gather together fresh herbs, such as parsley, thyme, bay leaves or rosemary.
  2. tie the bunch together with kitchen twine and leave a tail that you can use to remove the bunch from your pot.