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What's for Dinner

Ahh, the perpetual question…what’s for dinner? Summer is an ideal time to head outside and fire up the grill. And, with so many options available from our Meat Department, we’ve got something that is sure to make your mouth water. For the...

Calorie Conscious

Slim down your summer menu with our Wild Alaskan Salmon Filets. Incomparably rich and delicious, Alaskan Salmon is truly the connoisseur's choice. Swimming wild and free in their natural habitat, the cold water environment produces a nutrient-rich fish with a firm texture and succulent flavor. Look for both King and Sockeye Salmon at your local Fresh Market during Wild Alaskan Salmon Season (June - September).

Turkey isn’t just for serving at the holidays, especially if you think you’ve had your fill of chicken. Try grilling a Turkey Leg covered in our TFM Turkey Spice Rub or sprinkled with our TFM Poultry Spice Grinder.

Early Planner
To get the meat to fall off the bone like any good steakhouse, you really need to devote some time to your ribs. Slather a rack (or more) of our Murphy Farms Baby Back Ribs in your favorite BBQ sauce, then place in a glass baking dish and cover with tin foil before baking for 2 1/2 to 3 hours at 300°F. Once cooked through, toss on a heated grill to get the BBQ sauce to caramelize and enjoy.

Steak Lover
How do you impress the steak lover? With an exquisite Filet Mignon, of course! The finest cut of beef available, our Filet Mignon steaks have been hand cut from whole beef tenderloin that has been aged 14 to 21 days leaving you with a tender, juicy and flavorful steak.

Big Party
Serving a crowd? Why not give our Boston Butt a try. Ideal for pulled pork sandwiches, simply grill and chop meat or add to your slow cooker with your favorite sauce and your work is done!

If your dinner party loves steaks, head on by the Meat Counter and have our butchers cut a Whole Beef Tenderloin into exquisite Filet Mignon steaks of your desired thickness. Or, grill the entire roast and carve when it’s time to dine

Picky Crowd
Our all natural, Boneless Chicken Breasts are an ideal choice for picky eaters big and small. A lean protein choice, our chicken is fresh, never frozen, and we guarantee you'll taste the difference.

Burger-ed Out
If you've had your fill of those delightful all beef patties, it may be time to swing by our Meat counter and check out our selection of Grillers. Available in Chicken, Pork & Sirloin, our grillers are butterflied and stuffed with premium ingredients before being wrapped in bacon and are ideal for the grill, just as the name implies. 

Burger Devoted
Our Gourmet Burgers offer a new spin on the classic beef pattie and are perfect for your summer barbeque. Fresh ground beef mixed with premium ingredients such as Gouda cheese, portabella mushrooms, crumbled bacon, Blue cheese, Cheddar cheese and green peppers make for a delicious meal. And, with our Ground Beef Guarantee, you can rest assured knowing you are enjoying a beef pattie that was ground fresh from whole roasts and steak trimmings. Our Gourmet Burger selection also includes several Turkey Burgers and Salmon Burgers for a healthier alternative.