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Guide to Grilling

Grill It

Meat. Seafood. Vegetables. Fruit. Everything tastes better when you cook it over the open flame of a grill. It’s a healthy way to get the best, natural flavor of The Fresh Market’s gourmet quality food without adding the extra calories of seasonings, butter or condiments.

  1. Burgers

    For juicy, melt in your mouth burgers, choose meat that isn’t too lean – select ground chuck, sirloin, chicken, pork, lamb or turkey that is 85 to 90 percent lean...

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  2. Grilled Chicken

    Available in our meat case, these natural or marinated kabobs are the perfect balance of fresh veggies and TFM All-Natural Chicken. Available in natural or with a Thomas Sauce Marinade...

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  3. Grilled Fruits

    Keep the flames burning after the main course and serve up spectacular summer sweets with fresh fruit from the grill.

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  4. Grilled Seafood

    Avoid marinating fish in citrus or vinegar - this will result in tough fish. Unlike meat and chicken, fish selections secrete moisture on the grill...

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  5. Sizzling Steaks

    Start with room temperature steaks to ensure even grilling and the perfect seared exterior...

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  6. Grilled Veggies

    Nothing beats the freshly roasted flavor of savory veggies grilled over an open flame. Maybe it's the way they soak up the smoky flavor of the grill. Or perhaps it's the simple pleasure of outdoor cooking in the fresh spring air.

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