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Grilling Basics

For juicy, melt in your mouth burgers, choose meat that isn’t too lean – select ground chuck, sirloin, chicken, pork, lamb or turkey that is 85 to 90 percent lean.  Our beef is ground fresh daily from whole roasts and steak trimmings and is sold only on the day that it is ground. 

To seal in the juices and create a perfectly charred exterior, cook your burgers over high heat.  To make sure your burger is fully cooked – use a meat thermometer.  Most burgers should reach 160ºF (170ºF for turkey or chicken burgers). 

Resist the urge to flip and flatten those burgers – doing so will result in a tough, dry patty.  Instead, cook burgers until they're halfway done, then flip once. 

Ready to Cook – Prepared Items at TFM

TFM Gourmet Burgers
With delicious flavors like Bacon Cheddar, Bacon Tomato Mozzarella, Bleu Cheese, Portabella Gouda, Swiss Steakburger and Cajun Cojack, these ready for the grill burgers are a summer delight! (Please note: selections vary daily and by store.) 

Quick Fixes –Full-Flavored Ideas Without the Work 

Instant Gourmet’s Caribbean Isle Spice Rub
Add this mix to your patty, top with grilled pineapple slices and sweet barbeque sauce for a tropical treat. 

Frontera Chipotle Salsa
Add some heat with a few spoonfuls of Frontera Chipotle Salsa and top with guacamole and Pepper Jack cheese for one hot burger! 

Italian Burger
Add Italian flair to your burger with a few tablespoons of TFM Marinara Sauce, grated mozzarella cheese and Bella Cucina’s Olive Pesto mixed into your burger. 

Garlic & Mushroom Burger
Minced garlic and chopped mushrooms add texture and flavor - top with aged Swiss or sliced Gouda and serve on toasted French Bread. 

Favorite Recipes – from Our Friends & Family

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Hawaiian Teriyaki Burger
These burgers really hit the spot! Ground beef and sirloin mixed with several TFM favorites and topped with fresh grilled pineapple and cilantro. 

Smokey Cheddar Mini Burgers
These sliders are nice and neat with all of the toppings already mixed in.