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Sizzling Steaks

Grilling Basics

Choose steaks with even thickness (Filet Mignon, NY Strip, Ribeyes) – uneven steaks will not cook evenly on both sides

Sear steaks over high heat to ensure perfect grilling marks.

Start with room temperature steaks to ensure even grilling and the perfect seared exterior

Ready to Cook – Prepared Items at TFM

Natural or Marinated Filet Mignon or Sirloin Kabobs
The perfect blend of fresh meat and premium veggies.  Available natural or with Thomas Sauce Marinade.

Quick Fixes – Full-Flavored Ideas Without the Work 

Texas on the Plate Port Wine Glaze
Perfect for your grilled meats as a marinade or finishing sauce!  This delicious blend of port wine, beef stock, fresh herbs and cranberry is a TFM favorite. 

House of Parliament Steak Sauce
A British fave and a bloody good finishing sauce.

Favorite Recipes – from our Family & Friends

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Tenderloin with Charred Tomato Salsa
A balanced blend of ripe tomatoes and fresh herbs and spices.  Serve over grilled steaks.