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Healthy Lunch Ideas

Packing a lunch usually saves you money, but packing the right ingredients means you can have a healthy lunch too. When you fuel yourself with fiber, protein, and fruits and veggies mid-day, you’ll have the energy you need to have a productive afternoon. 


Greek Tacos

In this simple tasty lunch you’ll get protein, fiber and 1-2 servings of vegetables.

Prepare our Lemon Herb Chicken (from Meat department) the night before and slice into strips. In the morning slice a Father Sam’s Whole Wheat pita pocket in half and fill with sliced chicken and chunks of fresh cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Top with a homemade cucumber yogurt sauce just before eating.

Enjoy with a handful or two of our Terra Lemon Pepper Unsalted Potato Chips.

Salmon w/ Field Greens

Fresh salad greens full of vitamins and minerals pair wonderfully with our fully cooked salmon that’s rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

Grab your favorite mix of greens from our bulk salads and top with fresh cucumber and tomato, or your favorite vegetables. Toss salad with Garlic Expressions and top with our Fully Cooked Salmon from our Deli.  Fast, simple and of course delicious!

For a sweet ending with only 120 calories and 2 grams of fat try a cup of our Lesser Evil Kettlecorn Popcorn

Classic PB and J

This sandwich is great for its portability and with the right ingredients this classic sandwich can be tasty and healthy too.

Try one of our sliced multi-grain breads from our Bakery, along with our freshly ground peanut butter (that’s low in sodium and free of trans fatty acids) and Rothschild Seedless Raspberry Preserves. Enjoy with a cup of freshly cut pineapple, melon or berries from our Produce department and a serving of TFM Pretzels.

For extra fiber substitute jam with sweet delicious banana.