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How to Cut a Mango

1. Be sure to choose a mango that is not too soft. Mangos typically have 2 sides that are more flat than the others. Lay the mango on a plate or cutting board so that one of these flat sides is down.

2. Mangos have a large flat seed in the center so you cannot cut in the exact center of the fruit. Using a paring knife, cut the mango parallel to the side that it is laying on (the flat side). Repeat on the other side of the seed so that you have two mango halves. Set the seed aside for later use.

3. Carefully "score" by cutting into a grid pattern (shown to the left) using a paring knife. Make sure that you do not to cut too deep and reach the skin while scoring.

4. Once you have scored the mango with the grid pattern, gently push up with your fingers turning the fruit inside out (see picture to the right).

5. Finally, carefully cut out the cubed pulp from the skin of the mango and discard the skin. You may also cut any extra pulp from around the seed and cube it as well.