Community Involvement

We believe it’s our responsibility to invest in our communities the same way they invest in us.

Community Responsibility

The Fresh Market believes in making a commitment to the communities where we do business. Our stores actively work to support nonprofit organizations and programs that are important to our local communities and guests, with long-term focus on hunger-related causes.

The Fresh Market provides support to local non-profit organizations by donating gift cards, food trays, gift baskets, bottled water and many other store items to those in need. In 2017 The Fresh Market donated over $49 million in regular foodbank donations and raised over $400,000 in product donations through our 1-3-5 Food Drive Fundraiser.

Thank you for helping us raise over $425,000 through the 1-3-5 Food Drive!

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All too often, no school means no food for kids.

Once school is out for the summer, students no longer receive school meals and families can struggle to put food on the table. During these summer months, food banks seek to close this gap—but they need our help.

The Fresh Market supported local food banks through the 1-3-5 Food Drive during the month of May 2018. The money raised from guest donations are dispersed to each store’s local food bank, supplementing the day-to-day support they provide to kids and families alike. We appreciate the support from our guests.

Supporting Local Food Banks

In every community we serve, The Fresh Market is there to support the needs of local food banks. With help from our guests, we donated more than $49.1 million worth of food in 2017.

Nonprofit organizations requesting to be set up as a food bank partner are asked to contact their local store manager by phone or in person. A store list, including addresses, phone numbers, and store managers' names, can be found on the Store Locator page.

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Gather your information Provide the store manager with a written request on the nonprofit organization's letterhead, including a valid tax ID number and Noncash Charitable Contributions Form 8283. Click here to download form 8283.

Contact Your Store Visit your local store in person with the documents in hand. Please understand that many stores are already at capacity for food bank daily picks ups and may not be able to take on an additional request. In this case you can request to be on a backup list.

Setup in Progress Your forms will be faxed to The Fresh Market corporate office to be set up. Please note that the approval process can take up to a week. Stores cannot donate until a food bank has been approved and set up in our accounting system as a partner.

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