Fresh Finds

Your Guide to What's New

This month’s Fresh Finds are unique, versatile, sometimes unusual and always exceptional. From sweet and savory snacks and delicious baked goods to stunning florals and quirky fruits, you’re sure to find something to fall for.

Fresh Produce & Florals

Ever tried a Percinnamon? Or Brussels Sprouts straight from the stalk? We pride ourselves on carrying delicious, unique produce that you can add to your recipe repertoire. We also have stunning florals, including new Charmelia blooms that light up a room.


1Organic Warren Pears

These delicious pears were originally discovered by Thomas Oscar Warren growing naturally outside a post office in Hattiesburg, MS. Warren Pears boast a classic European texture that’s soft, silky and juicy, with smooth flesh that lacks the grittiness found in other varieties. Prized by chefs as a dessert pear, the Warren is delicious in baked goods or enjoyed fresh.


2Buddha's Hand Citron

Don’t be intimidated by its striking appearance: This unusually-shaped fruit is part of the citrus family and has a sweet, lemony aroma similar to lavender. Though Buddha’s Hand is often used to perfume or decorate a room, the zest and rind can add delicious flavor to vinaigrettes, cocktails and desserts. Take one home and experience it for yourself!


3Dragon Fruit (Pitahaya)

Dragon Fruit, or Pitaya, is the fruit of a flowering cactus and has a kiwi-like texture with black, crunchy seeds. This stunning fruit is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, polyunsaturated (good) fatty acids and B vitamins, with nutty seeds that are rich in lipids. Pitahaya’s mild, sweet flavor works beautifully in juices, smoothies and cocktails.


4Satsuma Mandarin

Originally from China, Satsuma Mandarins are exquisitely tender and usually seedless, with a delicious, honey-sweet flavor that sets them apart from other citrus fruits. Their characteristic skin is thin, loose and incredibly easy to peel. They’re also conveniently small, making them an ideal on-the-go snack or lunchbox staple.



No, you didn’t read that wrong: Our pale-yellow “percinammon” fruits are named for their sweet flesh and cinnamon-like speckling inside. Enjoy these unique, delicious treats on their own, baked into a pie, chopped up in salsa or sliced in a salad—we recommend pairing Percinnamon with crunchy walnuts and pomegranate seeds.



Charmelia is a new, one-of-a-kind flower variety with long-lasting blooms that make an impression. Pink-and-white flowers grow upwards in a fountain-like shape, with multiple blooms per stem. This award-winning flower is elegant on its own and also works beautifully in mixed arrangements. Give Charmelia as a gift or use it as a gorgeous centerpiece.


7Brussels Sprouts Stalks

Enjoy the freshest Brussels sprouts, straight from the stalk! Simply snap them off when you’re ready to cook. For a striking presentation, remove extra leaves and shoots and roast the stalk in its entirety. It’s a unique and stunning way to serve a popular side item, especially during the holidays. Note: The stalk itself is edible, but requires a longer cooking time.

Sweets & Snacks

Our high-quality fruits, nuts and sweets are always perfect for snacking and entertaining. Step up your cheese platter game with addictively-good Marcona almonds or Dardiman’s Fruit Crisps. We also have traditional French Macarons and Italian Pizzelles, perfect for parties, sweet gifts and desserts.


1Fresh Mozzarella

More than 100 years of quality cheesemaking stands behind this exceptional product. Our all-natural, fresh mozzarella is made to order with no additives or preservatives. Each batch is crafted from 100% cow’s milk and packaged in purified water. The delicate, smooth texture and mild flavor works beautifully in a caprese salad, baked Italian dishes or paired with warm toasted bread.


2BobbySue's Nuts

Carefully curated, non-GMO ingredients make BobbySue’s Nuts a scrumptious snack you can feel good about. These sweet and savory blends of dry-roasted almonds, cashews and pecans are perfect for gifts, get-togethers and gourmet snacking. Flavors include Original, Nuts over Olives, Everything Goes Nuts, Parm to Table and It’s Raining Chocolate.


3Marcona Almonds

Known as the "Queen of Almonds,” Marcona Almonds are softer and sweeter than the regular California variety. Their texture is similar to a macadamia nut, with a high moisture content and delicate, pleasing crunch. These Spanish favorites work beautifully on a cheese board and are perfect for seasonal snacking and entertaining.

Dardimans fruit crisps

4Dardiman's Fruit Crisps

These thinly-sliced Californian crisps have one key ingredient: fruit! The fruit is hand-picked at its peak and carefully dried to retain its nourishing natural vitamins, colors and flavors without added sugars or preservatives. Dardiman’s Fruit Crisps make a perfect garnish, gift or gorgeous addition to a cheese and charcuterie spread.

Sauces & Seasonings

We’re all about memorable, meal-enhancing flavors: sweet, spicy, subtle and robust. Stock your shelves with these new items to add depth and character to meat, chili, stir fry, pasta and more. The possibilities are endlessly delicious!


1Jane’s Krazy Spice Chunky Mixed-Up Garlic Seasoning

We’re big believers in the culinary magic of garlic and consider Jane’s Krazy Spice Chunky Mixed-Up Garlic Seasoning (say that three times fast!) a spice rack essential. Crunchy bits of garlic and salt add bold flavors to chicken, steak, burgers, grilled veggies and pasta. Jane’s also has approximately 50% less sodium than regular table salt per serving.


2Bourbon Barrel Sauces

Use Bourbon Barrel Sauces to enhance everything from beef and chicken to sandwiches and veggies. Their best-selling sauce, Kentuckyaki, has a dash of Kentucky Bourbon and is flavored with Kentucky-grown sorghum syrup, fresh garlic and ginger. Bourbon Barrel Barbecue Sauce is equally delicious, with bourbon smoked salt, pepper, paprika and bourbon barrel-aged Worcestershire sauce for big, bold flavor.

Frontera Chili-Starter Black-Bean

3Frontera Chili Starter

There are plenty of reasons to love Frontera Chili Starter: it’s made with top-notch ingredients, packed with robust flavor and imbues chili with slow-cooked flavor in a fraction of the time. Choose from earthy Black Bean, aromatic White Bean and big and bold Texas Chili Starters. Just add meat or veggies, simmer and serve.


4Olivado Avocado Oil

This all-natural oil contains no trans fats, additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Just pure avocado goodness! Compared to other oils, avocado oil boasts one of the highest levels of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, as well as a much higher smoke point. Enjoy Olivado’s fresh, natural flavor when baking, sautéing or frying your favorite chuck and chicken dishes.

Ravishing Reds

More entertaining calls for more wine. These rich reds pair well with a number of snacks, starters and entrées and are also delicious by themselves. Grab a bottle (or three) for your next dinner party or seasonal gathering.


1One Million Cuttings Red

When Tahlbik winery began in 1860, one of its founders placed an ad in newspapers asking for “One million strong vine cuttings.” The Australian winery received around 600,000 cuttings and, by the end of 1860, planted more than 64 acres of vines. This Cabernet Shiraz blend has aromas of dark berries and spice leading to a palate of blackberry, mulberry and anise.


2Oyster Bay Pinot Noir

This well-balanced Marlborough Pinot Noir is fragrant, soft and flavorful with aromas of ripe cherries, sweet plums and a hint of fragrant vanilla. The mouthfeel is silky and rich with an enjoyable, lengthy finish. Oyster Bay Pinot Noir is versatile and pairs with a number of foods, most notably lamb, duck, tuna and salmon.

Decoy-Cabernet-Sauvignon HR

3Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon

This Sonoma County favorite has a deep, ruby-violet color and inviting aromas of blackberry, raspberry and currant. On the palate, lush fruit is framed by rich tannins and hints of sweet oak, cocoa and spice—characteristics that beautifully complement our succulent, flavorful standing rib roast. The finish is long and compelling, making this a wine you won’t soon forget!