Fresh Finds

Your Guide to What's New

We’re constantly searching for unique foods and flavors that will satisfy your culinary curiosity. In fact, we offer our guests hundreds of new items each year. That’s a lot of new to keep up with, so each month we’ll introduce you to a few of the seasonally fresh and new products that deserve special attention.

Introducing delicious ready-to-cook Salmon Plank Meals and a new summer salad from our deli!


1Salmon Plank Meals

We’re turning this weekend treat into a weekday staple with pre-soaked planks and ready-to-cook entrées for your grill or oven. Cedar planks enhance the flavor of each unique recipe, from savory Mediterranean Salmon to the tropical taste of Coconut Mango Salmon. Every combination is simply delicious, and simple to cook!

Choose from four made-in-store meals: Coconut Mango Salmon with Rosemary Sea Salt Fries; Sweet Chili Salmon with Onion Rings; Balsamic Glazed Salmon with Asparagus; and Mediterranean Salmon with Brussels Sprouts & Feta Cheese

Coconut Mango Salmon with Rosemary Sea Salt Fries
Sweet Chili Salmon with Onion Rings
Balsamic Glazed Salmon with Asparagus

1Roasted Corn Black Bean Jalapeño Salad

With crunchy texture, complex flavors and just a bit of jalapeño heat to keep things interesting, this summer sidekick has it all! Pick up this flavorful new salad as the perfect accompaniment to grilled meats or as a tasty choice for picnics and potlucks. It’s like a perfect summer day: bright and sunny with just the right amount of heat.

Light yet satisfying with bold flavor – this summer salad will brighten any meal!

These savory selections will add distinctive flavor to your table as appetizers, sides and snacks! Put them all together for a pre-dinner pairing with your favorite full-bodied red wine.

Westminster cheddar cheese

1Westminster Vintage Cheddar

The Barber family has been making rich and delicious cheddar in Somerset (just 11 miles from the village of Cheddar) since 1833. Their authentic Vintage Cheddar delivers intense flavor that strikes a balance between creamy richness and mouthwatering sharpness from naturally formed salt crystals. Aged for at least 15 months, Westminster Vintage Cheddar pairs perfectly with a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon or fruit-forward Zinfandel.

Garlic Knots

2Signature Garlic Knots

Our ready-to-bake tray filled with savory Garlic Knots will make any meal more delicious! Our bakers pre-bake them and cover them with garlic, cheese, and parsley. All you need to do is take a tray home and bake it for a warm and flavorful dinnertime delight. Each tray includes 6 irresistibly tasty knots!

gaea olives

3Gaea Olives

Gaea puts the Oh! in organic olives, and now they’re easy to enjoy any time! We love their healthy snack-sized Kalamata and Green Olives marinated in extra virgin olive oil and spices. Special packaging keeps these tasty olives plump and fresh without added liquid so they’re convenient for lip-smacking snacking wherever you go. Best of all, these organic olives are verified Non-GMO with no preservatives.

Add deliciously different seasonal produce to your July menu with these flavorful fruits.


1Washington State Charries

Washington is known for having the largest and most cherished crop of cherries in the USA. We’re bringing in the biggest varieties so you can enjoy even more sweetness from these juicy summer jewels.

In addition to our selection of large red cherries, we’ve also got our first crop of Rainier cherries from Washington. All are bursting with flavor so you can enjoy them by the handful, baked into a pie, or as a topping for your favorite sweet treats (serve them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and two shortbread cookies for a quick, cool and delicious summer dessert!).

Great as a snack, fresh Washington Cherries are so deliciously sweet they taste like dessert!


2Summer Kiss Melons

If you’re a fan of honeydews, Summer Kiss melons are for you! With a rich, creamy texture and just the right amount of sweetness, these melons have subtle flavor and distinctive color that make them a real standout. Enjoy freshly sliced or lightly seasoned with lemon or lime juice, ginger or honey. This melon is a tasty addition to summer salads, salsas, and smoothies, plus it pairs beautifully with cured meats like prosciutto.

A delicious low-calorie treat that’s a great source of Vitamins A & C

Envy-Apples-iStock-183422512 paths

3Envy Apples from New Zealand

A fresh crop of Envy Apples has arrived from New Zealand to sweeten your day! Envy Apples are known for their crisp texture and delightful sweetness, and their interior stays fresh and white even after being cut. These ideal apples are grown from Braeburn and Royal Gala varieties using cross-pollination, so they’re also NON-GMO. Enjoy Envy on its own or slice and serve with rich and creamy Brie or your favorite hummus.

Add Envy to your salads for tantalizing flavor and flesh that stays white after slicing!

Indulge your sweet tooth with these new additions!


1Gummi Bears

The extended Gummi Bear family is here and they’re better than ever! You’ll find Mama, Papa, and Baby bear shapes in an assortment of delicious fruit flavors and sizes. Made in America from the highest quality ingredients, these new and improved Gummi Bears are gluten free, fat free, and allergen free. They’re low in sodium too.

Smash-Mallow MC 4-5oz


With all natural ingredients, including organic cane sugar, this is no ordinary marshmallow. SmashMallow will satisfy your sweet tooth with only 80 calories per serving of 4, so you can feel good about enjoying them any day, any time. As long as you enjoy them this summer - these guest favorites are available for a limited time!

Choose from 4 smashing flavors, including Mocha Chip, Cinnamon Churro, and Strawberries & Cream.


3Nostalgic Candies

Don’t miss this celebrated selection of confectionery favorites, conveniently packed in real Mason Jars. Assorted Fruit Sours balance sweet and sour in a fruity gumdrop-like candy with a bright jelly bean coating. Lemon Drops, made with real lemon juice, offer pucker-perfect tartness with a hint of sweet. Dubble Bubble Gumballs come in a variety of fantastically juicy flavors. Cinnamon Jawbreakers are for serious cinnamon lovers who want a sweet treat with a kick!

These timeless tastes make great gifts for candy lovers young and old!


4Dark Chocolate Covered Nuts

Deep, dark and delightful chocolate sets these decadent snacks apart! Our new recipe features high quality nuts and chocolate that are carefully blended for ideal taste and texture. The fresh-roasted flavor of the nuts shines through the rich, dark chocolate that’s made from 50% cocoa for a creamy, smooth finish that’s balanced, not bitter.

These nuts are naturally delicious with no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.


5Louie’s Fruities

Handcrafted with the highest quality ingredients, Louie’s Fruities contain no artificial colors or flavors and no preservatives or animal by-products. They’re also vegan, kosher certified, gluten free, gelatin free, cholesterol free, and fat free. But they’re loaded with fabulous fruity flavor! Pick them up while you can - these treats are only available through the summer.

These delicious fruit slices are a cut above! Choose from 6 fun and fruity flavors.