Fresh Finds

Your Guide to What's New

We’re constantly searching for unique foods and flavors that will satisfy your culinary curiosity. In fact, we offer our guests hundreds of new items each year. That’s a lot of new to keep up with, so each month we’ll introduce you to a few of the seasonally fresh and new products that deserve special attention.

Add something deliciously different to your June menu with a healthy helping of fruits and veggies.


1Eagle Egg Plumcots

Eagle Egg Plumcots are an antioxidant rich hybrid of plums and apricots that feature a sweet, jam like taste you’ll love! These unique fruits show a lovely red blush on the inside with an exterior that ranges from bright to deep speckled red. This super juicy beauty is picked at the peak of freshness and it makes a fantastic fresh snack.

Add to your favorite breakfast treat – tastes great with yogurt, oatmeal and smoothies!

Sugar Kiss Melon

2Sugar Kiss Melons

Sugar Kiss Melons delivers sweetness—and so much more. The pale orange flesh is so soft and juicy it melts in your mouth. Enjoy its uniquely sweet taste and texture in sorbets, salads and chilled soups. Or place a melon ball in a martini glass, add prosecco and mint leaves and enjoy a refreshing cocktail. Cheers!


3Black Velvet Apricots

One taste and you’ll be back for more. The golden, aromatic flesh of a Black Velvet Apricot is extremely juicy and sweet with a slight tang reminiscent of an apricot but with a texture and flavor closer to a plum. We love these dark delicacies as a naturally healthy snack, or as the sweet star of a can’t-miss cobbler or smoothie.

Picked at their peak, Black Velvet Apricots are at their juiciest and most delicious right now!


4Pete’s Living Greens

It doesn’t get any fresher than this! Pete’s Living Greens, available exclusively at The Fresh Market, come with their roots attached so when you’re ready for a salad, wrap, soup, or garnish all you do is Snip! And you’ve harvested the freshest, tastiest lettuce and greens possible. Super-smart packaging keeps the roots contained and counters clean.

It’s always harvest time! Choose from 5 varieties: Baby Romaine, Italian Mix, Spring Mix, Sweet Butter Blend, Upland Cress.


5Lemonade Apples

This sweet and tart sensation is made for summer! The tastes of tart and sweet combine for captivating flavor in this unforgettable Gala & Braeburn hybrid from New Zealand. Super-juicy with a fine, crisp texture and a wonderful aroma, Lemonade Apples are sure to become a favorite summer fruit. They’re a popular pick-me-up for summer salads and they make a flavorful base for a homemade apple galette, but we love to enjoy them on their own as a simple and healthy on-the-go snack.

A fizzy apple? That's how some fans describe eating a Lemonade Apple. There’s only one way to find out if they’re right!


6Golden Kiss Melons

This hybrid of heirloom gourmet French Galia and Charentais melons is strikingly beautiful with bright green stripes encircling a gold-netted exterior and brilliant-orange flesh. It’s also exceptionally delicious, known for its mild flavor with hints of pear and a sweet finish. The small seed cavity means there’s more delicious fruit to enjoy. Scoop it out for a fresh treat, or use this amazing melon to add refreshing flavor to a fruit bowl, summer salad or agua fresca.

Golden Kiss Melons are very low in calories and off-the-charts in Vitamin A, so help yourself to an extra slice!


7Amigo Plumcot

The juicy intensity of a plum meets the mellow richness of an apricot in this delicious stone fruit! Taste the Amigo Plumcot and you'll notice rosy plum flavors with just a hint of berry. Foodies say they're a perfect choice for any recipe calling for a plum or other stone fruit, like crisps, tarts and cobblers. We also love eating Amigo Plumcots as a healthy, scrumptious snack.

Sweet and satisfying Amigo Plumcots are also a low-calorie source of Vitamin C and fiber. Available now in select locations.

Honey kiss melons

8Honey Kiss Melons

With just a hint of honey flavor, you’ll love what Honey Kiss Melons do for smoothies, salads and melon medleys. You can also cut these melons into cubes or scoop melon balls and chill them for a healthy, delicious snack. Pro Tip: For extra-sweet fruit, pick a melon with brown freckles known as “sugar spots.”


9Golden Kiwi

With one taste, this extraordinary kiwi from New Zealand will be your favorite tropical treat! This variety of Golden Kiwi has thin, smooth skin and golden flesh, with a sweeter and more delicate texture than green kiwifruit. Tantalizingly sweet and juicy, this fruit is also a delicious, healthy treat with more vitamin C than an orange. It makes a great addition to parfaits and salads, but we can’t resist eating it au naturel!

Forget the fuzz. The skin of the golden kiwi is smooth and edible – no peeling required!

Indulge your sweet tooth with these new additions!


1Peach Bar Cake

Talk about raising the bar! We start with our exclusive vanilla cake. Then we layer in sweet, tangy peach preserves and creamy buttercream frosting. To top it off: rich, butter crumble, velvety vanilla whipped cream, and a fresh, juicy peach slice. We believe it’s the best fresh fruit cake, bar none.

Ingredients so fresh, our bakers walk to our produce section for their peaches. Available for a limited time.


2Summer Fruit Tart with Stone Fruit

Summer Fruits meet yummy shortbread in this delightful dessert! First, we coat a buttery shortbread shell with rich white chocolate. Then we fill it with our signature pastry cream, and top it with a variety of in-season fruit like peaches (white & yellow), nectarines, apricots and plums, plus fresh berries for even more of your favorite flavors. As a finishing touch, we apply a delicate apricot glaze. This is one tantalizing tart!

Be Tart Smart! Bring home a different one for every member of the family.

Enjoy super summer sipping with these refreshing new drinks!

CELSIUS Natural7 R1

1Celsius Fitness Drink

This fitness drink is designed to accelerate metabolism and help your body burn fat. Celsius contains no sweeteners, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. It supplies healthy energy that is vitamin-infused, very low in sodium, vegan, and gluten and soy free.

Enjoy the benefits of Celsius in tasty grapefruit, cucumber lime, and pineapple coconut flavors.


2La Colombe Draft Lattes

The Fresh Market now has the first-ever draft latte in a convenient can. This is true iced latte right down to the cold-pressed espresso taste, the frothy texture, and the silky layer of foam on top.

Naturally sweet with no sugar added. La Colombe Draft Lattes are made with lactose-free milk that is also free of hormones. Best enjoyed cold.


3Zevia Sparkling Water

Zevia has no sugar, artificial sweeteners or colors, or for that matter, calories! What it does have are delicious natural flavors like blackberry, mandarin orange, and cucumber lemon.

Each has a refreshingly clean, slightly sweet taste, which comes courtesy of an extract of the stevia leaf.

Try something new!


1Bourbon Barrel BBQ Sauce

Barbeque fans rejoice! This BBQ sauce is made with the same care, techniques, and devotion as fine bourbon. Bourbon Barrel makes their sauce in small batches with ingredients that are made from scratch, like smoked salt and paprika, bourbon-barrel-aged Worcestershire sauce, and local Kentucky-milled sorghum. Bourbon Barrel BBQ sauce adds a rich, smoky, and tangy flavor to everything from burgers to chicken and pork!

Revive Kombucha

2Revive Kombucha

Called “the elixir of life” by its many fans, kombucha, (fermented black or green tea), has been around for hundreds of years. Revive Kombucha craft brews small batches using their own recipes, techniques, and cultures to create a uniquely healthy brew packed with probiotics. Revive Kombucha uses only certified organic, non-GMO, fair-trade, ingredients. Raw and vegan, Revive Kombucha is available in five tasty flavors.

Dang Sticky Rice Chips

3Dang Sticky Rice Chips

Ready for something crazy good? Dang steams organic sticky rice, soaks it in watermelon juice, and crisps it up so it comes out toasty, crunchy and tasty. It’s a truly unique combination of awesome flavor and crispy texture in a non-GMO and gluten-free snack with no-preservatives, dairy or soy. Dang Sticky Rice Chips are also vegan and contain 30% less fat than ordinary potato chips.


4London Broil Panini

This superb sandwich is made in-store with our famous London Broil cooked rare and perfectly seasoned with lemon and garlic. Placed between slices of our fresh-baked panini bread, we top it with New Zealand cheddar, baby spinach, tomato, red onion, and Dijon Horseradish Sauce. It comes right off the grill to you, so it’s oh so toasty and tasty!

Grilled to order, so the insides are melty while the panini is hot and crispy.