Fresh Finds

Your Guide to What's New

We’re constantly searching for unique foods and flavors that will satisfy your culinary curiosity. In fact, we offer our guests hundreds of new items each year. That’s a lot of new to keep up with, so each month we’ll introduce you to a few of the seasonally fresh and new products that deserve special attention.

Fresh fruit picked at its peak – May was sweeter by the day!

Rainier Cherries

1Rainer Cherries

Hailed by connoisseurs as one of the tastiest cherries you can buy, Rainer Cherries are a rarity. Besides being one of the very few golden yellow cherries in existence, they were created by crossing two red cherry varieties. They’re delightfully sweet, with low acid and a caramel-like finish.


2White Peaches

Sweet, juicy & delicious white peaches are less acidic than their yellow relatives and have more concentrated sugars. Though they’re super sweet, white peaches are surprisingly low in calories and are a good source of vitamins A and C as well as important antioxidants.

Let peaches ripen at room temperature. Refrigerate them only when they’re fully ripe.


3Eat Smart Gourmet Vegetable Salad kits

Create a crispy counterpoint to the hearty fare coming off your grill with these tasty superfood salad kits. Every kit contains superfoods like kale, cabbage, yams, and broccoli plus great add-ins like cheeses, seeds, and dried fruits. Everything you need for a tasty salad is in the bag – including a delicious dressing that pairs perfectly with each salad mix.

Choose from 9 salad kits with unlimited ways to enjoy them at your next cookout.


4Red Cherries

Fresh from the first domestic harvest of the year! Sweet, juicy, and full of flavor, red cherries are also full of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. Addictively delicious eaten fresh out of hand or made into sensational pies, cobblers, and jams – or added to fresh salads. Cherries freeze well so be sure to stock up while they’re in season.


5Taylor's Gold Pears

A favorite of foodies around the globe, the Taylor’s Gold pear features a luxurious, butter-smooth interior wrapped in a russet-colored skin. Its delightful taste is perfect for enjoying as a healthy snack or paired with wine, cheese, salads and dessert. Chefs also prize this pear for its transformative effect on sauces and pies.


6Yellow Nectarines

Our orchard-fresh nectarines can be enjoyed in oh so many ways; from a fresh treat to desserts and smoothies. They’re more than just a sweet addition to your menu – nectarines are rich in beta-carotene and provide healthy amounts of Vitamins A & C. The best thing about these juicy fruits is that they’re all flavor with no fuzz – peeling not required!

Indulge your sweet tooth with these new additions!

jeni-and-halo-top-ice-creamYou wanted it. We got it. New flavors are here!

Halo Top Ice Cream - We figured Halo Top Ice Cream would be a big hit with our guests. After all, it has the smooth, creamy texture and mouthwatering flavor of rich, premium ice cream, but with no more than 360 calories per pint. Your response was so enthusiastic we’ve expanded our selection with 11 new flavors. Because you really can’t have too much of a good thing.

Jeni's Ice Cream - Jeni believes in making ice cream using only natural ingredients and a time honored churning process that slowly builds a uniquely smooth texture and buttercream body. That’s why you won’t find any stabilizers or emulsifiers in Jeni’s products. It takes more work and skill to make ice cream Jeni’s way, but that’s what makes this guest favorite so special… and so delicious!


1Red, White & Blue Pie

Made with a juicy blend of sweet and tart apples, blueberries, and cherries, our delicious Red, White & Blue Pie is brimming with fruity flavor in a flaky crust. Each pie is all natural, baked fresh in our stores and only available for a limited time.

Serve warm or at room temperature with a scoop (or two) of The Fresh Market Old Fashioned Ice cream.


2Creative Snacks Almond Cluster -

Light, crispy almond slices are mixed with seeds, fruits, nuts, and spices to form sweet, crunchy clusters that you’ll go nuts for! We’ve got five delicious combinations with absolutely zero artificial flavors, colors, high fructose corn syrup, or hydrogenated oils. Made by hand in small batches on sheet pans, these almond clusters contain simple ingredients that make them simply irresistible.

Every one of these five varieties makes a great snack. They also make great toppings for salads, fruit, yogurt and ice cream!


3Godiva Patisserie Truffles -

This new collection features six of Godiva’s most popular truffle flavors inspired by exquisite desserts from around the world. The Fresh Market is the only grocer to carry this delicious collection of truffles, available in three beautifully presented box sizes. It’s a can’t-miss gift for any chocolate lover you want to impress.

Available in 6, 12, & 24-piece assortments, while supplies last.

3 Sandwich Classics, On a NEW Pretzel Roll!

We’re changing the very foundation on which everyday sandwiches are built. Our latest deli creations combine the much-loved taste of a fresh-baked pretzel roll with 3 popular sandwiches for a new twist on classic favorites.

Pretzel-Roll-SandwichesClassic sandwich fixin’s inside a bakery-fresh pretzel roll. Available hot or cold from our Deli counter.

Pretzel Cuban - Slices of our very own roasted pork loin with added layers of ham, Swiss cheese, and dill pickles. If your sandwich style is tangy & savory, this simply delicious combination is the one for you!

Pretzel Rachel - Signature The Fresh Market hickory-smoked turkey, Swiss cheese, broccoli cranberry slaw, and mustard. Prefer the complex flavors of smoked meats with crunchy slaw and a kick of mustard? Make this selection the start of your next lunch.

Pretzel Muffaletta - This satisfying sandwich harkens back to New Orleans with its combination of hard salami, Virginia ham, mortadella, provolone and mozzarella cheeses along with Kalamata olive tapenade and spicy red pepper relish. You might just say, “Laissez les bons temps rouler” with this pretzel roll!