New Dinner Adventures

Introducing HelloFresh To Go - Available Exclusively at The Fresh Market

Healthy & Delicious Meals Made Easy!

Say Hello to the new way to cook with HelloFresh To Go – with ready-to-go meal kits now available exclusively at The Fresh Market in Greensboro! We’re excited to bring you a new menu of four tantalizingly tasty meal kits from HelloFresh every week, so you can easily cook and eat healthy with wholesome, pre-measured ingredients.

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1What’s in the box?

Each box has all the ingredients you need to cook a delicious meal for two from scratch, plus an easy to follow recipe card. Every ingredient is pre-measured, so all you need to do is slice, dice, cook and enjoy!

This Week's Featured Meal Kits

Available From Friday, June 23rd - Thursday, June 29th

Dukkah-Crusted Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Sugar Snap Peas

Dukkah (pronounced DOO-kah) is a great way to bring the crunch. The Egyptian blend of crushed nuts, spices, and seeds is fine enough to sprinkle on like a seasoning, but it has enough rugged texture to keep it satisfyingly crisp. Here, it’s used two ways: to add a coating to butterflied chicken breasts and to bring an extra dash of flavor to roasted sweet potatoes.


Southwestern Stuffed Peppers with Ground Beef, Quinoa, and Monterey Jack Cheese

Our roasted bell peppers are stuffed, loaded, pumped up, and packed in a way that is worthy of accolades, all thanks to a ground beef, quinoa, and melty Monterey Jack cheese filling that’s both easy to make and easy to love. In the words of one of our happy cooks, this one is “way better than my mom’s family recipe (please don’t tell her that).”


Wasabi Lime Salmon over Soy-Simmered Rice with Baby Bok Choy

It’s not often that you see wasabi outside of a sushi plate. But the condiment can be used to add an unexpected lift to all sorts of dishes—like this meal of pan-seared salmon and bok choy over soy sauce–infused rice, which is taken from basic to bold with a wasabi lime dressing. Just be sure to add the paste to taste; you want it to have a kick, not a wallop.


Chicken Under a "Brick" with Baby Broccoli, Lemon, and Fingerling Potatoes

Okay, so the “brick” here may just be a pot made heavy with water, but this technique is a surefire way to get chicken with an irresistibly crispy skin. Applying weight to a half-bird creates increased surface contact with the pan—and that means more opportunities for it to sizzle and seize up into a delightful golden brown. Afterward, the chicken is finished in the oven with a mix of veggies, then given a drizzle of lemon for added brightness.