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Come and explore all the refreshing updates to your neighborhood store. Like improved lighting and signage that helps you find the products you want. More focus on freshness. More deliciously easy meal solutions for busy days. An expanded selection of organic, non-GMO and gluten free foods. More everyday items to make The Fresh Market an everyday destination. More ideas on what to cook, serve, and enjoy. More attentive service, and an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

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Your love of food is at the heart of all we do. That’s why we’re committed to bringing you tasty, fresh fare and effortlessly delicious meal solutions every day. After all, we love food almost as much as we love sharing it, and preparing it, for you. Our commitment to exceptional quality and extraordinary taste informs every choice we make regarding the fresh, delicious foods we stock and serve to our valued guests.

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Fresh & Flavorful Produce

  • We’re passionate about fresh produce, so we work with our growers to bring the best to market for our guests, patiently waiting for the peak harvest of seasonal fruits and vegetables in every region they’re grown.
  • All of the fresh fruits and vegetables in our store are sourced to provide you with the finest quality available, like our extraordinary Envy Apples from New Zealand
  • We’re adding new varieties of seasonal favorites, including unique Orange Honeydews from a 4th Generation family farm, so you can enjoy even more unique tastes
  • Look for more local harvests, from Peaches grown in Fort Valley, GA by the Pearson family to Blueberries and Blackberries from Swain Farms in Patterson, GA
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Exceptional Quality Meat & Seafood

  • You want top quality ingredients for every meal you serve, so we take extra care to source and prepare the freshest meat and seafood for our guests.
  • All of our meat is hand-cut and trimmed by our friendly, expert butchers, on duty at all times
  • We’re committed to quality, like our USDA Prime Beef that grades in the top 2% in the country for marbling and is aged a minimum of 14 days for tenderness
  • Fresh tastes best, so we have fresh, Wild Caught Salmon available from June through September, and our premium Ground Chuck is ground fresh in stores daily and sold only the day it’s ground
  • Flavorful recipes enhance our quality meat, and guests love our signature selections that are prepared in-store and ready to cook, like our Seafood Steam Bags, Chicken Roll Ups and Ultimate Crab Cakes
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Signature Baked Goods & Decadent Treats

  • We take extra care every day to bake fresh and flavorful fare for our guests, from sweet delights to savory signature breads and exclusive seasonal features.
  • Our exquisite gourmet Fruit Tarts are a refreshingly delicious choice for any occasion, and each large tart features more than 1 lb of fresh fruit from our produce department
  • The best flavors in life are worth waiting for, so we use a slow fermentation process to prepare our classic recipe Sourdough breads before we bake them fresh in our stores
  • Real ingredients make a real difference – just try our signature Crispie Cookies, baked in store with real butter to make every crispy bite delicious, or our popular signature Nut Breads, with recipes that use fresh ingredients from our produce department for homemade taste
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What's New?

Explore our updated selection of the freshest ingredients and extraordinary foods you love. From premium meats and specialty produce to tasty organics and flavorful meals-to-go, we’ve got more of what you want, and more of what you need.

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Fresh & Tasty Meals-to-Go We’re expanding our selection of convenient, easy meal solutions to help you eat well on your busiest days. • Freshly prepared entrées and sides are also available daily from our European-style Delicatessen, including ready-to-eat guest favorites like store-roasted chicken, ribs and wings, and our nutritious Broccoli Cranberry Slaw • Our signature Roasted Chicken Salad is made in stores daily with only five ingredients, and pairs perfectly with our baked-in-store croissants for a deliciously simple meal for a large or small gathering • For single serving options, explore new Bistro Power Plates and Comfort Bowls from our Deli, and try our flavorful Meals in Minutes, made with fresh seafood and produce that steams quickly for a tasty lunch or dinner • And don’t forget our weekly Little Big Meal – a deliciously easy way to feed a family of four with little effort and big savings. We’re introducing new meals and bringing back guest favorites that you won’t want to miss!

Where Selection Meets Perfection Enjoy a fresh selection of household items to complement your favorite foods, so you can find more of the goods you need every day. Explore fresh finds across the store, including baby care, laundry, household, vitamins, beauty and pet food products for a more convenient shopping experience.