Everyday Rosé

Savor spring with some of our favorites.

It’s the perfect time to drink pink.

Expand your palate with some of our favorite rosé wines. From soft and fruity to vibrant and bodacious, these wines run the gamut. They’re also perfect for spring and upcoming summer months.

What makes this drink pink? Winemakers craft rosé by juicing red grapes and allowing the juice to soak with the skins for a few days. Once the juice takes on a lovely pink color, the skins are removed and the juice is allowed to ferment.

The color can range from pale pink to vividly bright depending on the varietals used and the winemaking techniques. A general rule is that lighter hues yield softer fruit notes, lower tannins and a drier finish, while darker-pink wines are often bursting with fruit flavors and have a higher tannin level.

Rosé pairs beautifully with cheese, as well as a wide variety Mediterranean ingredients. Of course, it’s also delightful on its own! Here are some of our latest favorites.

Chateau de Eslcans Whispering Angel and Decoy Rosé

Chateau de Eslcans Whispering Angel Considered one of the world’s greatest rosés, this wine is made from grapes grown on an exceptional site in Provence. Primarily a blend of Grenache, Vermentino and Cinsault, this fresh and pretty rosé features flavors of white peach, mango and white cherry fruit. Hints of watermelon and cranberry lead to a dry finish with balanced acidity.

Decoy Rosé Inspired by the great rosé wines of Provence, Decoy is dry with lovely aromatics, pure fruit flavors and a crisp, refreshing mouthfeel. Each bottle is specially fermented in stainless steel and made from a blend of Syrah and Pinot Noir. Enticing aromas of grapefruit, strawberries and honeydew lead to bold fruit flavors with a hint of mineral and spice.

French Blue Bordeaux Rosé and Gerard Bertrand Cote des Roses Rose

French Blue Bordeaux Rosé This dry, easy-to-drink rosé from Bordeaux is 80% Cabernet Franc, 10% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s crisp and refreshing, with delicious flavors of strawberry, watermelon and cherry. Perfect for long lunches and outdoor gatherings.

Gerard Bertrand Cote des Roses Rosé Fresh, fruity and bold, this wine celebrates the Mediterranean Art de Vivre. Its originality extends beyond the rose-shaped bottle, with notes of summer fruits, cassis and red currant that stem from a blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah from the Languedoc region of France. The finish is fresh and full with notes of strawberry and lingering citrus.

A To Z Rosé and Invivo X Rosé

A To Z Rosé Made primarily from Pinot Noir with 10% Chardonnay, this gorgeous, pale pink wine has ripe fruit aromas and notes of raspberry, strawberry, cherry, white peach, apricot and nectarine. There’s a hint of creaminess, along with mouth-watering acidity that leaves you wanting another sip.

Invivo X Rosé The second release in the Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker Wine Collaboration, this blush-pink wine boasts aromas of bright summer berries and rose petals. It’s exceptionally fresh, complex, full-bodied and elegant, perfect on its own or served with a range of cuisine.

JNSQ Rosé and Conundrum Rosé

JNSQ Rosé Clean and aromatic, this rosé has a touch of strawberry and Bing cherry. Savory herbal and white floral notes make it elegant and crisp—perfect for poolside sipping or serving at a backyard BBQ. Delicious on its own, this balanced, versatile wine pairs well with a range of foods.

Conundrum Rosé Sourced from vineyards in Paso Robles, California, this vintage is made from an uncommon French grape called Valdiguie. A stunning rose gold hue, this wine offers fresh scents of strawberries, watermelon and peaches. Floral notes lead to flavors of berries, citrus and pomegranate. The finish is light and dry with lush fruit flavors.

Valdo Rosé Brut and Mumm Napa Brut Rosé

Valdo Rosé Brut This fresh, elegant wine boasts aromas of juicy red and black berries. The bubbles are small and fine. On the palate, notes of raspberry mingle with flowers. We love pairing this well-balanced wine with starters, lighter dishes and seafood.

Mumm Napa Brut Rosé Luscious and festive, this sparkling wine from Napa Valley, California has a light pink color and is made primarily from Pinot Noir grapes. A portion of the wine is initially fermented in the press, giving it soft, fruity characteristics, while a hint of Chardonnay creates a balanced structure. Notes of black cherry and strawberry are followed by graham cracker and mineral flavors leading to a crisp, dry finish.