Super Smoothies

Make every sip extraordinary with the right ingredients.

Smoothies have long been an on-the-go favorite and a quick, easy way to get nutrients you need. You can easily customize smoothies to fit your diet—whether you want to get more veggies and fresh fruits in your diet, or love the rich, chocolatey flavor of cacao and all its health benefits, you’re sure to find a smoothie that fits your lifestyle and taste buds. A creative way to try a smoothie is in a bowl with added crunch of grains, nuts or whole fruit. Yes, you can eat smoothies with a spoon! Keep reading for more tips on how to step up your smoothie game.

Elevate your Smoothie

Here are some of our favorite tips and ingredients to make your smoothie nutritious and delicious.


  1. Go nuts: Add a handful of nuts, nut butters or nut milk to your smoothie for a creamier texture and a healthy dose of good-for-you unsaturated fat and protein. The Fresh Market Almond Milk is a great choice, with more calcium than a glass of cow’s milk and a smooth texture you’ll love.

  2. Go natural: If you’re avoiding processed sugar and prefer natural sweeteners, try adding pitted dates, honey or real maple syrup.

  3. Chill out: Adding frozen fruit to the mix keeps your smoothie thick and creamy. It also removes the need to add ice, frozen yogurt or sorbet. If you’re a fruit smoothie fan, try our delicious recipe here.

  4. Plant a seed: Try adding chia, flax or hemp seeds for a boost of omega-3 fatty acids. They’re also great for adding texture and crunch to a smoothie bowl.

  5. Try something new: Try steaming frozen cauliflower and adding it to your smoothie instead of banana. Cauliflower will help create the creamy, frothy texture you want, without adding sugar.

  6. Eat more chocolate: Chocolate-lovers are in luck! Cacao is considered one of nature’s superfoods. The raw powerhouse is rich in critical antioxidants—plus, adding cacao to your smoothies infuses them with a delicious chocolatey flavor.

  7. Be bold: Sprinkle fresh-grated ginger, turmeric or cinnamon in your smoothie. These spices add a delicious, warm flavor and are also believed to reduce inflammation.

  8. Switch it up: Instead of reaching for fruit juice, try coconut water instead. This will cut down on the amount of sugar and give you a boost of potassium and hydration.

  9. Veg out: Eat more vegetables by incorporating them into your smoothies. Veggies like zucchini, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, spinach, kale and even cucumbers are perfect contenders.

Think Deliciously

Whether you prefer a sip-able smoothie in a cup or a beautifully garnished smoothie bowl, these recipes are sure to satisfy.

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