The Fresh Pick: Grapes

Celebrate this seasonal favorite in a rainbow of flavors.

Bunches of reasons to love uniquely flavorful grapes!

We love grapes – from snacking to salads, they’re delightful eaten on their own or as an accompaniment for fresh and delicious seasonal fare. This month we’re celebrating the wonderful flavor they bring to every day dishes and exploring unexpected recipes and tasty pairings.

The red, green, and black grapes you know and love are only the beginning. Our sources from around the world bring you over a dozen seedless varieties harvested for peak flavor and mouthwatering specialty varieties with distinctive tastes and shapes.

PB&J No-Bake Cheesecake
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Pecan-Crusted Wild Salmon with Roasted Grapes and Red Wine Sauce
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Green Grape Granita with Honeydew
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Grape Expectations

Choose your grapes based on your favorite flavors and look for plump grapes with flexible stems to get the freshest bunch. If you see a powdery-white coating on them, it’s a good sign! That substance is called bloom – it occurs naturally and helps the grapes retain moisture.

When it comes to nutrition, grapes deliver – they're high in Vitamins A & C and they're low in calories so you can enjoy them by the bunch! They also stay fresh for at least a week when you keep them refrigerated, rinse in small bunches (only the portion you’re planning to eat), and ensure they’re not packed too tightly.

Unique Grape Shapes & Tastes

Discover special shapes and varieties this month at The Fresh Market! We love sourcing new varieties for our guests, as well as favorite flavors that are tried and true, like the spun-sugar taste of Cotton Candy Grapes.

moon drop grapes

Moon Drop® Grapes

These special grapes are over-the-moon delicious!

  • Juicy, sweet & scrumptious, with just enough tannins to balance out the sweetness
  • Uniquely firm and out of this world delicious
  • Elongated shape creates tasty serving possibilities – slice lengthwise and smear with creamy, salty goat cheese
  • Novel yet natural – this sustainably grown hybrid is non-GMO

Tear Drop® Grapes

The unexpected shape of these grapes is as extraordinary as their unrivaled taste!

  • Sublimely sweet with intense grape taste you’ll love
  • Eye-catching addition to cheese trays and snack arrays
  • Pairs well with salty cheeses, nuts, and lighter meats
  • This sustainably grown, non-GMO hybrid is grown at only one vineyard in the world!

Cotton Candy® Grapes

Cotton Candy grapes are a uniquely sweet all-natural treat – enjoy them while they’re in season!

  • Tastes just like the spun sugar confection, with subtle vanilla notes
  • A healthy snack that appeals to your sweet tooth
  • Freeze them for a delicious summer treat or roast until caramelized
  • This natural Non-GMO hybrid took years to develop, but you’ll love it in an instant!
gum drop grapes

Gum Drop® Grapes

Pick up Gum Drop grapes from your neighborhood store and enjoy nature’s candy!

  • Full of juicy flavor with candy-like sweetness
  • Enjoy as a healthy snack or pair with rich, creamy cheese and salted crackers
  • Very limited availability – don’t miss these late summer treats
  • Sustainably grown, non-GMO hybrid that’s a good source of antioxidants