Celebrate all the sweetness of the season with The Fresh Pick: Stone Fruit

Discover the varied tastes and textures of these sweet summer fruits.

Warm summer days bring us many seasonal treats and stone fruits (so-called because they have a pit or “stone” at their center) are among our favorites. From apricots and cherries to peaches and plumcots, all varieties have a few things in common... they’re packed with nutrition and play starring roles in a wide range of recipes both sweet and savory. And they are, without exception, delicious when eaten fresh.

The Fresh Market works with growers near and far to bring our guests stone fruit that is picked at its peak, carefully packed, and quickly shipped for extraordinary flavor. In addition to traditional seasonal standouts, we’re always searching for tantalizing new varieties and hybrids to sweeten your summer and inspire new favorite flavors to look forward to every year.

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Stone Fruits are as versatile as they are varied. Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy them:

  • Blended into healthy smoothies
  • Sliced onto cereals, pancakes, and waffles
  • Baked into cobblers, crisps, crumbles, and pies
  • Served with savory dishes as a sweet counterpoint
  • Made into preserves, jams, and jellies
  • Enjoyed on their own as some of the juiciest, tastiest, healthiest snacks around


Cherries are easily damaged by weather, and they can be difficult to grow and harvest, so there are plenty of reasons to cherish these seasonal standouts. Look for the superior sweetness of fresh Rainier Cherries from Washington state in our stores now! Cherries are packed with flavor and healthy antioxidants, so they make a fantastic fresh snack.

Fruit for Thought:

  • While red is the color most commonly associated with cherries, there are also yellow and deep purple varieties
  • Patience is important with cherry trees – they take three to four years to produce their first fruits, and seven years fully mature
  • Cherries have a short growing season, so enjoy them now!


Is there any fruit that captures the mellow days of summer quite like a ripe peach? Their juicy sweetness is usually the only enticement needed to pick up a handful of summer peaches. But if you need another reason (or two), remember that they also contain antioxidants and essential minerals. Great taste that’s good for you? Reach for a peach!

Fruit for Thought:

  • There are two primary categories of peaches—freestones and clingstones. Freestone peaches have flesh that separates readily from the pit, while clingstones need to be cut away from the pit. Freestone peaches are a great choice for healthy snacking, while clingstone peaches are ideal for canning.
  • With well-developed sugars and low acidity, peaches are a great addition to a number of dishes, from smoothies and salads to sauces and desserts
  • Peaches are grown around the world, but the peach tree originated in China


Plums are wonderfully varied and versatile, ranging in color from deep purple to amber and even green, and ranging in taste from superbly sweet to complex and tart. One of the earliest domesticated fruits, the popularity of the plum is on the rise and there are many varieties to explore. Plums are a good source of Vitamins A & C and also provide minerals such as potassium and fluoride.

Fruit for Thought:

  • These smooth-skinned stone fruits make a tasty topping for yogurt, salads and desserts
  • Plums do not sweeten after being picked, but they do ripen and soften
  • Versatile plums are sometimes fermented into plum wine


Apricots feature smooth yet velvety skin, which ranges from white to golden to deep purple across different varieties, and covers tender sweet flesh with well-developed sugars. Their beautiful balance of sweetness and mild acidity give apricots a complex and candy-like flavor, yet they’re also high in Vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber.

Fruit for thought:

  • The apricot’s rich and complex flavor make it a favorite for brandies and liqueurs around the world
  • Apricots are in season now and ready to enjoy at their peak. Though the season for ripe, fresh apricots is short, dried apricots are popular year round as a healthy snack
  • Refrigerating an apricot almost completely stops its ripening. Store at room temperature until ripe, or place your apricots in a paper bag for a day or two to speed up their ripening


Pro-peach but anti-fuzz? Nectarines are an ideal stone fruit for you! They’re very sweet and juicy with a mild acidity that makes nectarines just a little bit tangy too. These sweet fruits are packed with healthy antioxidants and essential minerals and they’re a fresh fruit dream for smart summer snacking, baking, or smoothie-making.

Fruit for Thought:

  • The word “nectarine” means “sweet as nectar”, which fits this fruit perfectly
  • “Sugar spots” on the skin indicate the fruit is so loaded with sweetness (the sugars are essentially crystallizing on the outside)
  • From smoothies to salads to sauces and desserts, the well-developed sugars and low acidity of nectarines can brighten any number of dishes


Part plum. Part apricot. Totally delicious! The intense sweetness of the plumcot comes from the flesh, while the slightly tangy skin creates a delicious flavor balance. You might love plumcots for their incredibly sweet taste, but you can also appreciate that they’re loaded with healthy antioxidants and fiber.

Fruit for thought:

  • You can’t hurry a plumcot! Creating a new variety can take years of cross breeding attempts using hand pollination.
  • Plumcots come in a rainbow of flavors and colors to suit any palate or palette.
  • Delicious as a snack, plumcots are also a fantastic substitute for other stone fruits in a variety of recipes.

These ripe stone fruit treats are available from our bakery for a limited time. Don’t miss an opportunity this delicious!


1Peach Bar Cake

Talk about raising the bar! This sweet treat starts with our exclusive vanilla cake, layered with sweet, tangy peach preserves and creamy buttercream frosting, and topped with a rich butter crumble, velvety vanilla whipped cream and a slice of fresh peach. In fact, our bakers venture over to the produce department to pick ripe peaches for this delectable dessert. This is our favorite summertime cake, bar none.


2Summer Fruit Tart with Stone Fruit

Buttery shortbread is topped with a layer of smooth white chocolate and pastry cream, then loaded with ripe fruit and dressed with a delicate apricot glaze for confection perfection. These limited edition tarts include a combination of your favorite stone fruits, like peaches (white and yellow), nectarines, apricots and plums, plus fresh berries for even more of your favorite fresh flavors. Visit your neighborhood store to try one today!