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Whether you’re feeding the family or feasting with friends, we’re your source for the freshest produce, meats and seafood, plus grilling tips and recipes to fire up your grilling season.

The attraction of grilling is its simplicity – from a campfire, to a small hibachi or a top of the line gas grill, all you need is a flame and a few tools to create a memorable meal. And there’s the glow of satisfaction when you prepare a fresh feast outdoors, with everything from the main event to fruitful desserts prepared on the grates.

So have your tongs at the ready to prepare your best BBQ meal ever, with extraordinary ingredients and inspiration from The Fresh Market!

Spice Up Any Occasion

Seasoning your food for the grill can be as simple as salt and pepper, or as rich and complex as a homemade marinade with fresh roasted ingredients. We love to season fresh foods with layers of flavor like those found in our signature spice rubs. These versatile seasoning blends can be sprinkled on your favorite food, rubbed into a paste, used for an immersion marinade or blended into butter or oil to spread or drizzle on your favorite dishes. The Fresh Market offers a dozen different rubs in our collection, but here are four of our favorites to enhance the flavor of your grilling menu.


1Signature Spice Rub

Our Signature Spice is a seasoning staple that works well with a variety of cuisines. This aromatic blend is both herbal and savory, so it complements meat, seafood and vegetables. It’s great for the grill, and adds a signature taste to your favorite sauces and sautés. No matter what’s on the menu, this all-star seasoning will have your guests asking for your secret ingredient. We won’t tell if you don’t…


2Chili Lime Spice Rub

Liven up your grilling dishes with this sunny seasoning. From shrimp skewers to corn on the cob, this spice combination adds a kick to chicken, seafood and vegetables. If you’re making chili lime chicken kabobs or chili lime shrimp, pair with avocado crema and a savory bean salad, and finish with fresh cilantro and a dash of freshly squeezed lime juice.


3Mango Chipotle Spice Rub

There’s nothing like the combination of sweet and spicy, and our Mango Chipotle rub proves that opposites really do attract. This tasty seasoning blend tastes terrific with chicken and seafood. We love Mango Chipotle grilled salmon served with savory couscous. Or give your homemade guacamole a summer makeover by blending in this delicious seasoning and a few tablespoons of diced fresh mango.


4Maple Bacon Spice Rub

Two words – maple bacon. That’s really all you need to know about this guest favorite. We recommend it on almost any meat, but we love it on a burger or chicken. Give your grilled cheese a kick when you cook it in Maple Bacon compound butter. It’s also a great flavor enhancer for homemade BBQ sauce. Give it a try and let us know your favorite way to serve it up!

Dry Rub or Soaked In Flavor?

Whether you prefer to add a dash of spice before cooking or immerse your meat and vegetables in seasoning, our spice rubs will enhance and brighten the flavors of any food on your grill.


1Start Dry

Our collection of exclusive spice rubs make a terrific dry seasoning for roasting, baking or grilling. Just add 1 teaspoon of seasoning per pound of meat. If you want to pump up the flavor, turn the seasoning into a paste – mix the rub with olive oil at a ratio of 1 Tablespoon of olive oil for every teaspoon of seasoning, then brush the paste onto your meat or vegetable just before cooking.


2Soak It Up

If you’re preparing your meat before you fire up the grill, make your own marinade with our spice blends. Combine 2 tablespoons of spice with 2 tablespoons of oil (olive oil, avocado oil, and canola oil will all work), and 1/4 of cup cold water. You can increase the amount of water or oil to get the consistency just right for your cut of meat. Refrigerate 1/2 pound of meat in the marinade mixture for 2 - 3 hours, or a little longer for larger cuts.


3Make a Better Butter

Our spice blends are a great flavor enhancer for any dish, including your favorite crusty French bread or dinner roll. It’s easy to make your own compound butter to add a little extra zing to your meal. Start with 1 Stick of Butter, softened to room temperature. Place the butter in a mixing bowl, add 2 - 4 Tablespoons of your preferred spice blend and whip all ingredients until well blended. Remove from the bowl and shape in a butter mold or wrap in parchment paper. Refrigerate 3 – 6 hours and voila!

Get Fired Up for Flavor

We love a great grilling recipe, and these don’t disappoint. Try the fresh flavors of Shrimp & Summer Succotash, make Amazing Beans with a scrumptious grilling twist, and revel in the uniquely enticing flavor of grilled Ribeye with our coffeehouse rub. Get those aprons on and get grilling!

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