How to Clean Fresh Artichokes

Step by Step

The center of the artichoke, or the heart, is the most tender and often preferred part of the vegetable. However, removing the prickly leaves that protect it can be a labor of love. Follow our step by step instructions below and you will be enjoying fresh artichokes in no time.

How to Clean Fresh Artichokes – Step by Step:


1Cut off top ⅓

Using a chef’s knife, cut off top ⅓ of artichoke.


2Cut off stem

Cut off stem, leaving about ½ inch.


3Tear off layers

Starting at base, tear off 3-4 layers of tough outer leaves and discard.


4Trim outer edges

Using a paring knife, trim around the outer edge to remove remaining leaves and any tough bits until you begin to see beige or light green colored leaves.


5Trim base and stem

Continue to trim down the base and stem until all dark exterior is removed and tender meat is revealed.


6Cut in half

Cut artichoke in half.


7Scoop out inside

Using a melon baller or spoon, scoop out the fuzzy inside and discard.


8Cut in quarters

Quarter artichoke.


9Place in water

Place artichoke in a bowl of water and lemon juice to prevent oxidation until ready to use