A Crust Above

Explore a world of flavors with our new artisan breads.

No meal is complete without fresh, delicious bread.

The best way to round out any meal? Bread, of course! Whether you’re dipping it in a blend of herbs and olive oil, toasting it with garlic and butter or using it to sop up soup, classic bread is always beloved at the dinner table.

Our new artisan breads give you traditional, homemade flavors fit for any feast. Crusty on the outside, soft on the inside and 100% delicious. Discover classic baguettes, multigrain loaves, ciabatta, focaccia and everything in between.

Ciabatta Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns

1Ciabatta Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns

Take hot dogs and hamburgers to the next level with these artisan buns. They’re deliciously light, with the same crisp-on-the-outside, airy-on-the-inside texture you’ll find in traditional ciabatta bread. Perfect for hot and cold sandwiches alike.

Rustic Bamboo Charcoal

2Rustic Bamboo Charcoal

Real bamboo charcoal gives this moist, soft boule its distinctively dark hue. The dough rises in bamboo bowls lined with flour, creating a unique pattern. Hollow it out to use as a bread bowl for your favorite dip, or toast slices and top them with creamy avocado.

Brioche Baguette

3Brioche Baguette

Crafted from an authentic French recipe, our brioche is delicate, rich and buttery. Now you can enjoy the delicious flavors and textures of brioche in a beautifully scored baguette. The crust is softer than traditional baguettes, and the inside is perfectly tender.

Sesame Pull Apart Bread

4Sesame Pull Apart Bread

This small baguette has perforations that make it easy to tear and share. It’s also sweetened with honey and brown sugar and hand-topped with a sprinkling of sesame seeds. Serve it at your next gathering—it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Rustic French Batard

5Rustic French Batard

These loaves are uniquely shaped, larger than baguettes, with a hand-scored crust that’s deliciously crisp. The inside is delicate and light, the way traditional French bread should be. Slice and use to make sandwiches or serve with flavored oils.

Crusty Italiano

6Crusty Italiano

Inspired by the great breads of Puglia in Southern Italy, this hand-formed, classic Italian loaf is light and delicate. Its crisp, rustic crust and open, airy texture make it an ideal choice for pastas and sauces. Serve it alongside your next Italian-inspired feast.

Sourdough and Rosemary Sea Salt Sourdough Loaves

7Sourdough and Rosemary Sea Salt Sourdough Alpine Loaves

Our sourdough breads have a traditional, dense texture and classic sourdough flavor. These new loaves are beautifully scored and available in plain sourdough and rosemary sea salt varieties. Slice and serve with your favorite flavored oil.

Pane Altamura

8Pane Altamura

This traditional Italian loaf is dusted with flour, giving it a rustic appearance. A prolonged fermentation at cool temperatures and a long, slow bake create a slightly sour taste and characteristically thick crust. Crafted using all-natural leavenings and simple, high-quality ingredients.

Pane Toscano

9Pane Toscano

Perfect for sandwiches, our Pane Toscano is a traditional, family-sized Italian loaf made with all-natural leavenings and premium ingredients. The crust is delightfully crisp, and the interior is characterized by an airy, moist crumb. Its flavor is mild and earthy, and its impressive size makes it ideal for sharing with family and friends!

Kalamata Olive Bread

10Kalamata Olive Bread

Olives and bread, what could be better? Like our Pane Altamura and Pane Toscano, our Kalamata Olive Bread is made with all-natural leavenings and only the finest ingredients. Each dense loaf is studded with flavorful olives, slowly fermented and baked to lock in the flavors.

Rustic Panella

11Rustic Panella

Our baked-in-store Rustic Panella is a classic Italian bread that tastes as good as it looks. Scored dough makes for a pretty presentation, and two batches baked daily means you can count on freshness. Simply slice and serve with your favorite dipping oil or place in a basket to pass around the table.

Multigrain Boule

12Multigrain Boule

A hearty, multigrain version of our traditional French boule bread—baked fresh in store twice per day. Its flavors are slightly nutty, with a satisfying texture. The boule, French for “ball,” is a traditional shape of French bread and one of Europe's most popular and traditional breads.

Mountain Bread

13Mountain Bread

Our Mountain Bread is baked fresh in store twice daily. It’s a hearty, classic white bread in a beautiful boule shape. Try it sliced, toasted and spread with butter, topped with jam, paired with cheese or stacked with your favorite sandwich ingredients.

Artisan Baguette

14Artisan Baguette

Our baked-in-store Artisan Baguettes are made with poolish, a starter that gives bread a moist, open crumb and subtly sweet flavor. You can count on freshness whether you shop in the morning or afternoon. Slice them for cheese board accompaniments, gourmet sandwiches, starters, soup sidekicks and more.

Ciabatta bread

15Ciabatta Bread

Ciabatta is a popular Italian bread, first crafted in 1982 as a response to beloved French baguettes. It’s open-textured with a floury crust and tender interior. Our stores bake two batches per day for you to enjoy. Try it sliced and served with olive oil, salt and pepper for dipping, or use the slices to make grilled panini sandwiches.

Mini Pane Di Casa

16Mini Pane Di Casa

An authentic, baked-in-store Mini Pane di Casa, or “Bread of the House.” Chewy, crusty and the perfect accompaniment to any meal. Try it as a lunch or dinner side dish, paired with cheese and dips or topped with garlic and butter and toasted to perfection.

Diamond Rolls

17Diamond Rolls (6 ct.)

Need a quick side for lunch or dinner? You can’t go wrong with our classic, baked-in-store Diamond Rolls! Named for their lovely diamond shape, these rolls are ready to pair with soup, lunch or dinner. Fresh-baked flavor gives them an irresistible homemade taste.

Ancient Grain Diamond Rolls

18Ancient Grain Diamond Rolls (6 ct.)

If you’re looking for a slightly heartier version of our classic Diamond Rolls, try Ancient Grain Diamond Rolls. We bake them in store for fresh flavor that tastes homemade (we won’t tell!). Pair them with your favorite meal or slice them open and slather on the butter.

Ciabatta Rolls

19Ciabatta Rolls (4 ct.)

Our baked-in-store Ciabatta Rolls are everything ciabatta bread should be: Crusty, light and pleasantly airy, with a spongy crumb. Enjoy these rolls solo, pair them with soup or add your favorite sandwich toppings for a next-level lunch creation.

Kaiser Rolls

20Kaiser Rolls (6 ct.)

These baked-in-store classic, New York style Kaiser Rolls are perfect paired with soup, salad or any meal of your choosing. They’re also sturdy enough to handle a generous amount of sandwich fixings, so feel free to pile them high and enjoy! We also offer Mini Kaiser Rolls, perfect as aide or to make a delicious slider.

Rustic Hero

21Rustic Hero (4 ct.)

Our Rustic Hero rolls are light, crispy, airy and delicious. There’s a reason they’re called “hero” rolls—each one is generously sized and sturdy enough for plenty of sandwich ingredients, from sliced ham and turkey to lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and more.