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Want crackers that pair beautifully with cheese? Or allergen-free crackers that accommodate more people at your party? What about unique British crisps that come in flavors like Truffle & Rosemary and Italian Cheese & Port?

We have it all—and then some!

Restock your pantry with flavorful bites that are tasty and versatile enough for everyday snacks and special occasions alike. Your taste buds will thank you!

New Flavors of Snacking

Snack on something deliciously different with some of our newest offerings. These jerkies, pork rinds and British-style crisps are sure to satisfy!

HTY Jerky Hsin Tung Yang’s jerkies are traditionally crafted and rich in flavor. Their pork jerky is marinated for 48 hours and grilled to perfection, while their beef jerky is specially tenderized and slowly roasted to perfection with special sauce.

new snacks, jerky, chips, pork rinds

EPIC Jerky Bites EPIC’s products are thoughtfully crafted with sustainably sourced, wholesome, non-GMO ingredients. Their savory jerky bites come in Bacon and Chicken Sesame BBQ flavors.

EPIC Pork Rinds These crispy, crunchy, addictively good pork rinds are made with pork skins raised without antibiotics. They’re also fried to perfection in pork lard. Choose from Cinnamon Churro, Maple Bacon, Chili Lime, Salt & Pepper and Jalapeño Cracklin'.

Savoursmiths Crisps These British crisps are bold, unique and unmatched in flavor. Each small batch is hand-cooked with homegrown produce from a family farm. Try flavors like Bubbly & Serrano Chilli, Desert Salt, Parmesan & Port and more.

Cheese Companions

Crackers make great cheese companions, but it can be easy to grab a box without considering how it will pair with specific types of cheese. We’re excited to carry a variety of unique crackers that have been thoughtfully crafted to complement cheese—without one or the other competing for attention.

We’ve asked our resident cheese expert for some pairing suggestions. Check out his recommendations below and try one (or all) for yourself!

Matiz Tortas with cheese

Matiz Tortas

These Spanish crisp breads are entirely handmade, so each one has its own distinct shape. They’re also made with over 25% Spanish olive oil (as opposed to shortening). Best of all, there are only 8 ingredients in the recipe, including a hint of anise for intriguing flavor. They’re wonderfully delicate and crisp, perfect with cheese. They also offer sweet tortas that pair nicely with salty cheeses and savory dips.

Our favorite pairing: These crispy tortas are perfect with soft cheeses, like award-winning Mackenzie Creamery Fig & Cognac Goat Cheese. The fig seeds add a wonderful texture and subtle sweetness to every bite.

Effie’s Homemade Oatcakes with cheese

Effie’s Homemade Oatcakes

This line of tea biscuits is made from quality, recognizable ingredients. Each biscuit's crisp texture, hint of buttery sweetness and slightly salty finish make it a perfect treat any time of day. Our favorite, Effie’s Cocoacakes, are crisp, buttery cookies lightly malted and layered with toasted coconut. Deep, dark and oh-so delicious, try them with sweet cheeses, a glass of cold milk or crumbled on top of your favorite ice cream.

Our favorite pairing: The coconut and chocolate flavors of Effie’s Cocoacakes make them ideal for sweet cheeses like our Mango Ginger Stilton.

The Fine Cheese Co. Toast for Cheese

The Fine Cheese Co. Toast for Cheese These crackers are twice baked like biscotti, so they’re exceptionally light and crisp. They’re studded with dried fruits, nuts and seeds (60% of the cracker, to be exact!), and they’re a fun new way to think about crackers. Here are some of our favorite pairings:

Date Hazelnut Pumpkin Seed: Pair with Marin French Petite Collection. We offer Petite Breakfast which features tangy, fresh Brie that’s delicious with seedy crackers. Apricot Pistachio Sunflower Seed: Pair with Ossau Iraty (“O-So ear uh tea”) sheep’s milk cheese. The flavors are sharp and nutty, balanced by the sweet apricot flavor. Cherry Almond Linseed: Pair with new Deer Creek Blue Jay. This juniper berry-infused quintuple crème blue is rich, buttery and floral, and works well with the sweet cherry flavors.

The Fine Cheese Co. crackers

The Fine Cheese Co. English Wheat Finger Biscuits A distinct contrast to savory crackers, these all butter biscuits (modeled off England’s most popular cookie, the digestive) are sweet and crumbly. Their unique finger shape makes them the perfect companion for a cup of coffee or tea. Our favorite pairing: Wheat Finger Biscuits go especially well with Brie, Vacherin Mont D’Or, Pecorino, Wensleydale or Roquefort Papillon.

The Fine Cheese Co. Charcoal Squares These distinctive crackers are buttery and delicate in flavor and sophisticated in appearance. Their ink-black color makes them stand out on a cheese board, but they’re also delicious by themselves. Our favorite pairing: Try them with Selles-sur-Cher, Gorgonzola, Brillat Savarin, Gruyère or Robiola Bosina. Check your local store for the 1655 Gruyère. Aged 14 months, it’s bright and fruity with a delightful crunch.

The Fine Cheese Co. English Bath Oval Biscuits

The Fine Cheese Co. English Bath Oval Biscuits

Invented in 1750 in the historic city of Bath, these large, crisp, unsweetened biscuits are made with the finest English butter and shaped to be the perfect conduit for cheese.

Our favorite pairing: Bath Oval Biscuits go especially well with St. Maure de Touraine, Manchego, Fourme D’Ambert, Smoked Cheddar and Comté. Our exclusive Thistle Hill Raspberry Prosecco Stilton is a real crowd-pleaser and combines bold, tangy White Stilton with flavors of raspberry and prosecco. It’s fresh, creamy and not too sweet. Bath Oval Biscuits are light and allow the strong flavors of the raspberry and prosecco to shine.

The Fine Cheese Co. Extra Virgin Olive Oil CrackersWalnut Honey, Chive and Lemon Sea Salt

The Fine Cheese Co. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crackers

These crackers are the only ones on the market made exclusively with extra virgin olive oil. Choose from an array of unique flavors that partner perfectly with specific cheeses. Our favorite pairing: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crackers work well with many of our everyday cheese options. Here are our suggestions:

Sea Salt: Serve with hard cheese like Pecorino Fig Honey: Serve with sheep’s milk cheese like Manchego Rosemary: serve with goat’s milk cheese like Valençay Walnut Honey: serve with blue cheese or Stilton Chive: serve with Brie, Camembert or any soft cheese Lemon Sea Salt: serve with fresh cheese like ricotta

Deliciously Different

Craving something new? Peruse our plant-based, gluten-free and sprouted seed crackers. Unique ingredients shine in each recipe, from flax seeds and almond flour to maize used in wafer-thin arepas. Whether you (or your guests) have food allergies or you’re simply wanting to mix up your snacks, these nontraditional crackers are worth a taste.

Hu Grain-Free Crackers

1Hu Grain-Free Crackers

Made from a unique blend of almond, whole cassava and coconut flour, these crispy crackers are dairy, soy, gluten and grain-free. Keep them on hand for everyday snacking or serve them at your next gathering so there’s something for everyone!

Simple Mills GF Almond Flour and Sprouted Seed Crackers

2Simple Mills GF Almond Flour and Sprouted Seed Crackers

These non-GMO, allergy-friendly crackers have 20-50% fewer carbs than leading cracker brands. Their Almond Flour Crackers are made with just eight ingredients, and their Sprouted Seed Crackers are made with 9 ingredients, including a nutrient-rich blend of sprouted seeds.