Fresh Markets

Natural Beauty

Explore a colorful world of sustainable blooms and plants.

Brighten your space with unique flowers from around the globe.

When it comes to florals, we keep things fresh. We partner with our farms, using sustainable practices to gather a unique array of fresh-cut flowers from around the world. So you can feel good about what you pick!

We also love finding new varieties to offer our guests. We partnered with one of our growers to offer an award winning variety of flowers, called Charmelia.

Everything about the Charmelia speaks elegance, from its 20-plus blooms per stem, to its longevity, to its evolving shades of pink. You’ll find these fresh-cut favorites in our stores, along with a curated selection of year-round favorites as well as unique “seasonal” offerings.

We also curate a year-round selection of potted plants, from hardy mums and rose-lilies to aloe plants, ornamental peppers and orange poinsettias.

In Full Bloom

From bold romantic gestures to stunning centerpieces, high-quality roses always make an impression.

Our 18-stem Premium Roses are flown in fresh from Ecuador, where ideal growing conditions yield some of the biggest, brightest blooms in the world. They’re long-stemmed and lush, with varied stem lengths for a perfect presentation.

We also offer elegant Spray Roses, with colorful, abundant bunches that are hand-tied and vase-ready. Each bunch of spray roses feature 100+ blooms to brighten up your space!

Everyday Elegance

These everyday items are always available at your neighborhood store. From vibrant, fresh-cut roses and colorful hydrangeas, to potted herbs and show-stopping orchids, there’s something for every occasion!


1Passion Roses (Fresh-Cut)

If you really want to make an impression, you can’t go wrong with our sustainably-grown Passion Roses. They’re long-stemmed, with generous, long-lasting blooms in bright colors. Each stem is hand-selected from the very best varieties in South America. Buy a bouquet for yourself, or give them as a stunning, romantic gift!

Lilies (Fresh-Cut)

2Lilies (Fresh-Cut)

Oriental Lilies are bold, fragrant and oh-so elegant. Available in yellow and white-pink hues, these blooms are a beautiful way to perfume any space. We also offer Hybrid Lilies that are unscented for more discrete décor, which you’ll most often find in yellow, orange, white, red and pink varieties.

Hydrangeas (Fresh-Cut)

3Hydrangeas (Fresh-Cut)

Our fresh-cut hydrangeas come in a variety of colors that shift throughout the year. They're mostly blue and white but also come in more unusual hues, like green. These extravagant flowers love water, so be sure to soak the head of the flower in cold water for 15 minutes before cutting the stems and placing them in a vase of fresh water.

6 Inch Orchids

4Orchids (Potted)

We offer an array of potted orchids in various colors, shades and patterns, from show-stopping blooms to small, delicate flowers. Believe it or not, orchids are relatively easy to care for—just follow the instructions included on the care tag. We recommend misting the blooms daily. There’s no need to feed your orchids when they’re in bloom; just make sure they never sit in water!

Alstroemeria (Fresh-Cut)

5Charmelia (Fresh-Cut)

Charmelia is a one-of-a-kind flower variety with long-lasting blooms that make an impression. Pink-and-white flowers grow upwards in a fountain-like shape, with multiple blooms per stem. This award-winning flower is elegant on its own and also works beautifully in mixed arrangements. Give Charmelia as a gift or use it as a gorgeous centerpiece.



Alstroemeria are long-lasting, popular blooms. Peruse single-color bunches as well as hand-picked “Rainbow Alstroemeria,” including a range of hues from blushed white and airy pink to soft red and gossamer yellow.

Mixed Bouquets (Fresh-Cut)

7Mixed Bouquets (Fresh-Cut)

Our seasonal mixed bouquets feature a number of blooms and greens, including gerbera daisies, mums of all kinds, spray roses, hypericum berries, alstroemeria, Asiatic lilies, ornamental kale, snapdragons, carnations, hydrangea, spray stock and seasonal greenery.

Potted Herbs - Basil

8Herbs (Potted)

It’s always nice to have fresh herbs on hand, especially if you love to cook! Our potted herbs are organic and offer an easy way to add fresh flavor to any dish. Choose from basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme, mint and oregano. Seasonally, we also offer rosemary trees that come with recipe booklets.



These big, bright, cheery flowers boast bright yellow petals and chestnut-brown or golden-yellow centers. Ours are five-stem and are bold enough to stand on their own in your favorite vase. They’ll also pair well with simple greenery. For the longest vase life, look for sunflowers that are just beginning to open. We also recommend cutting the stems every few days on a diagonal, which creates more surface area for water intake. If the water gets cloudy, change it and rinse and re-cut the stems.

Potted Plants and Bulbs

10Potted Plants and Bulbs

With their bold, bright, long-lasting flowers, mini potted roses make great houseplants. We offer them at our stores, along with an assortment of other potted plants including ferns and ivy, potted gerbera daisies, kalanchoes and mums. Our potted plants and bulbs change on a seasonal basis, so your best bet is to stop by your neighborhood store to see what’s in bloom.