A Holiday Abroad

Celebrate the season with unique European treats.

Explore A World Of Holiday Flavors

Of all the ways to celebrate the holiday season, one of our favorites is sampling beloved treats from around the world. It’s the best—and tastiest—way to peer into another culture. From Italian panettone to German gingerbread, here are some European holiday treats you won’t want to pass up.

New Special Finds For The Season

flavors from around the world

Antonio Mattei Biscotti Tin from Italy Antonio Mattei developed his award-winning recipe for almond biscotti in 1858. Today, the Pandolfini family, who inherited Mattei’s Tuscan bakery in 1904, still use the same recipe to bake these delightful treats.

Walkers Polar Bear Shortbread Cookie Tin from The United Kingdom Share the buttery goodness of these classic cookies—made from a family recipe perfected in 1898—in a cute and collectible tin.

Walkers Gin-Infused Fruit Tarts from The United Kingdom Baked in Walkers’ Scottish bakery, these luxurious tarts blend traditional mincemeat ingredients (sugar, apple, currants, sultanas and candied citrus peels) with a nip of gin.

Wicklein Mini Elisen Gingerbread With Baked Apples from Germany With a history that dates to 1615, Wicklein will bring a piece of German tradition to your holiday spread with their authentic gingerbread treats.

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Britain: Christmas Pudding

Enjoying a flamed Christmas pudding has been a longtime beloved British holiday tradition. Originally made with savory ingredients like meat and vegetables and eaten at the beginning of a meal, the tradition was to wrap, boil and age the pudding until Christmas Day, when it would be eaten.

Christmas Pudding with Brandy Cream SauceChristmas Pudding with Brandy Cream Sauce

Over time, the ingredients transitioned from savory to sweet, and Christmas pudding evolved into a dessert. Today, Christmas pudding is typically made with a blend of raisins, currants, warm spices and orange marmalade. When it’s time to serve, the pudding is theatrically flamed with brandy before being drizzled with a rich brandy cream sauce.

We offer Tiptree Christmas Pudding in both small and large sizes. This high-quality pudding is made with French brandy and thick-cut orange marmalade. Serve it hot with a heaping layer of cold Brandy Butter. Visit us online for serving tips, along with our favorite recipe for brandy cream sauce.

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Germany: Stollen & Cookies

German CookiesGerman Cookies

Frau Helga's Dresden Butter Stollen A time-honored German holiday dessert made with fruit that’s soaked in rum for days before it's added to a buttery yeast dough and baked to absolute perfection. Stollen is the perfect addition to your dessert table this season.

Lambertz Chocolates & Cookies Tempt your taste buds with festive German treats like Dominos Auslese - try these chocolate squares filled with layers of soft gingerbread cake and fruit filling.

Wicklein Cookies Known for their traditional star-shaped gingerbread cookies, Wicklein’s assortment of festive holiday cookies will bring a piece of German tradition to your holiday spread.

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Italy: Panettone

Panettone is to Italians on Christmas what pumpkin pie is to Americans on Thanksgiving. The name translates to “large loaf of bread,” although it is quite cakey. Its origin stories are varied, dating as far back as the 15th century in Milan.

BreraMilano panettoneBreraMilano Panettone

Studded with aromatic citrus peel and dried fruit (including raisins, which symbolize wealth), panettone is baked into a cylinder shape with a domed top. It’s delicious on its own, paired with coffee or a flute of prosecco. We also love to make it into a decadent French toast or pudding.

The Fresh Market Panettone is produced in Italy using the “Piedmont Region” method, where a longer leavening cycle yields superior texture, flavor and aroma. Choose from standard and mini sizes (perfect for gifting!). Try it toasted for breakfast and topped with butter, maple syrup and powdered sugar.

For a sweet twist on the traditional Italian holiday cake, Galup Panettone With Pears and Chocolate is filled with bits of extra-dark chocolate and candied pears and topped with handmade frosting.

We also offer BreraMilano1930 Panettone. Superior quality confections of classic Italian Christmas cake with traditional panettone offerings as well as a delectable Amarena cherry flavor in mini and regular sized cakes. The perfect treat for the holiday season.

Add panettone to your holiday dessert table, or give it as a gorgeous and unique seasonal gift.

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