‘Tis the Season for Cheese

Discover some of our favorite holiday cheeses and pairings.

Serve a Holiday-Worthy Cheese Spread

If cheese is on your wish list (and it should be), we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our new favorites for holiday entertaining.

Not sure what to serve with your cheese? We’ve asked our resident cheese monger for some of his go-to cheese plate pairings, from fruit and chocolate to savory prosciutto and olives.

Pro Tip: Assemble your cheese board ahead of time, then store it in the fridge wrapping loosely in wax paper. When you’re ready, simply let the platter come to room temperature before serving.


1. Fromagerie Semsales Single-Source Gruyère AOP Emmanuel “Manu” Piller and his son operate this village dairy, located in Semsales, Fribourg, Switzerland. Their Gruyère AOP shines at six months, with fresh floral aromas and deep brown-butter flavors.

Pairing recommendation: Try this semi-firm, aged cheese with rich, juicy Butterscotch Pears and salty prosciutto. The contrasting flavors accentuate the nutty flavors of the cheese. Add sliced baguette for a full spread.

2. Thistle Hill Raspberry Prosecco Stilton This exclusive cheese combines bold, tangy White Stilton with flavors of raspberry and prosecco. It’s aged for a minimal amount of time and tastes fresh, with a creamy texture and subtle sweetness from the fruit.

Pairing recommendation: Fresh, tart raspberries, bittersweet dark chocolate and The Fresh Market French Rounds are perfect complements to this creamy, bold and tangy cheese. Add an effervescent glass of prosecco with a few festive berries, and you’re ready to celebrate!

3. Deer Creek Blue Jay Infused with juniper berry, this quintuple crème blue is rich in texture with a buttery flavor and floral aroma. Five ten-gallon cans of cream are added to each vat, so this unique botanical cheese is truly decadent. Juniper berries add a piney bouquet and delightful crunch throughout.

Pairing recommendation: Sweet honey, candied walnuts and The Fine Cheese Co. Walnut Honey EVOO Crackers help cut through the richness of this pungent, buttery cheese.

4. Montbru Buffalo Sarro Made in Mas Montbru in the Moianes region of Catalunya, this unpasteurized buffalo milk cheese is made with fresh milk, hand-molded and tied with a cloth for a characteristic shape and creamy texture. The flavor is sweet and slightly acidic, ideal for savoring slowly. Montbru Buffalo Sarro is also lactose-free. .

Pairing recommendation: The earthy flavors of this smooth and creamy cheese are enhanced by sweet and salty flavors of The Fresh Market Seed Overload Lavash Crackers, briny olives and The Preservatory Preserve Figs & Walnut Wine spread.

Brie Cherry Cheese Kit

Brie Cherry Cheese Kit

Save time with our grab-and-go Brie cheese kit! This kit includes La Panzanella and Mini Rosemary Croccantini Crackers, silky Fromagerie Guilloteau Brie and cherries (braised in brandy, amaretto and fresh thyme). One kit serves 4-6 guests.