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Mumm Blackberry Thyme Toast

5 minutesServes 1
Mumm Blackberry Thyme Toast


  • MUMM Brut Rosé
  • Fresh Blackberries
  • Fresh sprig of thyme, dusted in granulated sugar


Top a champagne flute with Mumm Brut Rose. Garnish with 1-2 fresh blackberries to float and dance in the glass and add a sprig of sugar dusted thyme to the side.

NOTE: For the sprig of fresh thyme, dip the entire sprig in ice water and dust with 1 Tbsp granulated sugar. Dust off the excess sugar and let it dry on a small plate until ready to use. This can be made ahead, up to one day in advance and kept chilled in the refrigerator.

Recipe developed by Chef Anna Rossi

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