Supremely Delicious

The perfect way to enjoy your favorite citrus fruits.

Maximum citrus sweetness, guaranteed.

If you want to take your citrus-prepping skills to the next level, it’s time to create citrus supremes. These are citrus segments with all the peel, pith and membranes removed, so you’re left with tender citrus fruit with none of the bitterness.

To supreme your fruit, you’ll want to cleanly remove the peel and segments with a knife, which can take some practice. This creates picture-perfect segments that are perfect for snacking, tossing on salads, incorporating into marmalade or even topping ice cream or pie.

Ready for supreme flavor? Follow our six steps for the best results.

How to Supreme Citrus


1Slice it Right

Using a sharp chef’s knife, slice about 1/2 inch from the top and bottom of your citrus fruit.


2Stand up Straight

Stand fruit vertically on the work surface.


3Peel Away

Working from top to bottom, cut off the peel where it meets the flesh, following the curve of the fruit. Turn fruit and continue until no pith or peel remains.

CITRUS STEPS check-your-work

4Check Yourself

Look over your work! Be sure to trim away any remaining pith.

CITRUS STEPS cut-membrane

5Let it Go

Working over a bowl to catch the juices, hold the fruit in one hand. Cut between each membranes to release the supreme, and let it fall into the bowl.


6One More Squeeze

Do not discard just yet! Squeeze the membrane in your hand to extract any remaining juice.

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