A Taste for Romance

Chocolate, roses and an unforgettable dinner for two.

Celebrate a memorable Valentine’s Day with all the right ingredients.

No need to whip up a love potion or count on Cupid. We have everything you need for a romantic and delicious Valentine’s Day—and dinner!

Whether you’re looking for fresh, indulgent Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, a stunning bouquet of roses or a complete meal for two, The Fresh Market is the perfect place to find something for your sweetheart (or yourself).

Swoon-Worthy Mains

Searching for the perfect entrée? Impress the meat-lover in your life with an eye-catching favorite that tastes as good as it looks. Our Premium Choice Sweetheart Ribeye is striking on both plate and palate. Or try a Tomahawk Steak, these Premium Choice ribeye steaks are thick-cut from whole rib roasts with the bone left intact for maximum flavor. Pair both with a deep, dark red wine, like Honig Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon—perfect for Valentine’s Day.

We also have a delicious seafood options available, made exclusively for us. Our perfectly seasoned, ready-to-cook Heart-Shaped Maryland Crab Cakes have a new look, just in time for Valentine’s Day. These guest favorites are filled with tender, succulent meat, so each bite is consistently satisfying and full of flavor. Our Sweetheart Ribeye and Heart-Shaped Crab Cakes are available for a limited time.

Our Favorite Ways to Serve Our Sweetheart Ribeye

Season Properly Thirty minutes before cooking, pat the steak dry with paper towels and season liberally on all sides with kosher salt, then let it warm to room temperature. Avoid adding ground black pepper, steak seasoning or steak rubs until after the steak has been cooked—these spices will burn in the pan.

High Heat in a Heavy Pan Use your largest, heaviest pan, preferably cast iron. Preheat over high heat until the pan is slightly smoking. Add a teaspoon of high-heat cooking oil and carefully place the steak on the pan. It should sizzle immediately—if not, your pan is not hot enough! Cook undisturbed for 2-3 minutes until the surface is deep brown and the steak releases easily. Turn it over and cook an additional 3-4 minutes or until desired internal temperature. Try topping with our Red Wine Mushroom Sauce recipe.

Use a Thermometer & Let It Rest An instant-read probe thermometer is every meat lover’s best friend. Rest the steak for at least 5 minutes before serving. Resting allows the juices to redistribute evenly throughout the steak.

Whether you choose to cook your steak indoors in a skillet or outdoors on the grill, here are a few tips to ensure a great entrée every time.

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Made For Each Other

Who says a romantic Valentine’s meal has to take place in the evening? We’ve got plenty of options for creating a love-filled feast, whether it’s breakfast in your PJs, an elegant brunch or a casual anytime picnic board.

Take & Bake Brie >> Our creamy brie comes wrapped in buttery puff pastry and topped with delicious combinations of nuts and fruit preserves. Try Apricot Almond, Raspberry Almond or Strawberry Walnut.

Valley Lahvosh Baking Co. Hearts Crackers >> Founded by Armenian immigrants, this California bakery has been handcrafting traditional crackerbreads since 1922. Add their heart-shaped crackers to your Valentine’s board for a sweet touch.

Torres Chips >> With flavors like Black Truffle and Sparkling Wine, these artisanal chips provide a special occasion snacking experience. They’re handcrafted in Spain using sustainably grown potatoes. Try serving with a crème fraîche dip and caviar!

Fossier Rose Biscuits >> A perfect pair for champagne, these sweet treats are made in France’s oldest biscuit factory—founded in 1756. Taste the perfection of centuries-old recipes updated with today’s flavors.

Citrus >> Make the most of citrus season by adding vibrant oranges and mandarins to your board. Try sweet and juicy Sumo Citrus® Mandarins, pink-fleshed Cara Cara Navel Oranges, or tree-ripened Reserve Heirloom Navels.

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valentine's sweet board
Share The Love

Treat that special someone (or yourself!) to our fresh selection of irresistibly decadent goodies!

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valentine's day desserts
Gimme Some Sugar!

From decadent brownies to luscious chocolate-dipped strawberries to cute-as-a-button petit fours, our selection of holiday goodies will win your heart—and theirs!

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valentine's day gift basket
Gifts We're Crushing On

Need to let someone know how you feel this Valentine’s Day? From the prettiest roses in town to classic boxes of chocolate, these are some of our favorite ways to impress your crush.

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The Universal Language of Love

From love to amor—no matter what you call it, the sentiment is the same in any language. And since countries and cultures all over the world mark this day of love, it’s easy to make Valentine’s Day an international affair. Impress your Valentine with one (or more!) of these romantic treats from around the world.

Grilled Oysters from Great Britain
Great Britain

Grilled Oysters Give your special someone the royal treatment when you serve up Great Britain’s favorite Valentine’s dish: oysters. A buttery, cheesy topping of parmesan, panko and lemon juice makes these easy grilled oysters a luscious treat.

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Pibil Pollo

Pibil Pollo The bright red color of achiote paste—a popular seasoning in Mexican cuisine—makes this Yucatan roast chicken dish a fitting choice for Valentine’s Day. The flavors of citrus, garlic and cilantro make it even more irresistible.

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Dauphinoise Potatoes Feel like you’re on a romantic getaway in the French countryside when you savor this traditional French dish together. Made with thinly sliced potatoes, cream and cheese, it’s deceptively simple yet decadently delicious.

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Honey Buttered Pancakes

Honey Buttered Semolina Crater Pancakes When the day calls for breakfast in bed, serve up this Moroccan favorite—yeasted pancakes made with semolina flour. Top them with a syrup made from honey, butter and orange marmalade and it’ll be love at first bite.

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Krupnikas Warm up cold winter nights with a shot of this Lithuanian spirit. It’s made from vodka and honey, with hints of clove, cinnamon, vanilla, lemon, orange and cardamom. It can be served warm or chilled.

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Stop and Smell the Flowers

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a vibrant, fresh bunch of roses! PassionRoses are the most stunning, longestlasting roses you can find. We’ve fostered a 10-year relationship with these growers because of their commitment to quality, as well as environmental, social and economic sustainability.

If you want to give your sweetheart a classic gift of one dozen roses, we offer an assortment of options, from bold red to stunning white. We also have long-stemmed roses that make an impression, as well as dozen rose bouquets with baby’s breath and greenery. Or go all our this year with out new 24-count long-stem rose bouquet. If you’d like a vase with your flowers, we offer that, too!

If roses aren’t your Valentine’s flower of choice, we also offer a wide array of fresh hydrangeas, orchids and tulips, plus potted tulips and hyacinths.

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How to make Salami Roses

Get creative with this easy trick for turning sliced salami into edible roses. Not only beautiful, these salami roses will add that salty-savory taste to balance a sweet cheese platter.

step 1 making salami rose
1. Grab a Glass

Use a white wine glass for larger roses or a champagne flute for smaller roses.

step 2 making salami rose
2. Fold the Salami

Place one piece of salami on the lip of the glass and fold down evenly. Continue until rim of glass is covered.

step 3 making salami rose
3. Create Layers

Continue layering slices around the rim until you have 3 layers.

step 4 making salami rose
4. Form the Rose

Gently press salami to form it around the glass. Holding salami with one hand, gently pull on glass to remove and reveal the rose.