Fresh Markets

Winning Taste

Our NEW Hot & Fresh Pizza™ Beat the Biggest Pizza Chain in America

We Crushed The Competition

The Fresh Market didn't aim to create just another pizza—our goal was to craft a pizza that stood out for its delicious taste. However, we knew that simply talking about its quality and taste wouldn't suffice. So we decided to put our pepperoni pizza to the ultimate test against the pepperoni pizza of the biggest pizza chain in America in a blind taste test. The result? Our pepperoni pizza won with 61% of the blind taste test participants preferring the taste of The Fresh Market’s new Hot and Fresh pepperoni pizza to the other chain’s pepperoni pizza.* Our pizza crushed the competition because it's made with authentic Italian ingredients and expert craftsmanship. But don't take our word for it. The real proof is in the pizza.

Fresh Ingredients

Everyone loves pizza, that’s a given. But there’s a spectrum of choices available from fast-food pizza chains to Italian restaurants. We wanted our pizza to taste as authentic as the best Italian bistros–with our own gourmet twist. Did we do it? Our ingredients tell the story. After all, the proof is in the pizza, and here’s ours.

Pizza Crust


Originating from the world-renowned Caputo flour of Naples, our artisanal pizza crust is a masterpiece in its own right. This elite, finely ground double zero ("00") flour is the cornerstone of our crust that crisps to perfezione. True Italian crust is known for its crunch, and ours is formidable.

pizza sauce on crust


Bursting with freshness, our sauce is made from Italian tomatoes grown in volcanic soil near Mt. Vesuvius. We added a pinch of salt to enhance the tomatoes’ natural flavor. That’s it—just two quality ingredients for a sauce that’s eccellente.

Pizza Cheese


Creamy, smooth and delizioso, we use the finest mozzarella cheese made by master cheesemakers at BelGioioso. Employing classic Italian techniques, these masters use the freshest, antibiotic-free milk to craft a delicate, clean-flavored mozzarella that gives our pizza an irresistible gooey goodness.

*Of 502 total respondents that participated in a blind taste test of The Fresh Market NEW Hot & Fresh Pepperoni Pizza versus Domino’s® 1-topping Pepperoni Pizza, 61% percent of participants preferred the taste of The Fresh Market pepperoni pizza over Domino’s® pepperoni pizza. Domino’s® is a registered trademark of Domino’s IP Holder, LLC.