Seasonal Grapes

Celebrate this seasonal favorite in a rainbow of flavors.

Bunches of reasons to love uniquely flavorful grapes!

We love grapes – from snacking to salads, they’re delightful eaten on their own or as an accompaniment for fresh and delicious seasonal fare. We’re celebrating the wonderful flavor they bring to every day dishes and exploring unexpected recipes and tasty pairings.

The red, green, and black grapes you know and love are only the beginning. Our sources from around the world bring you over ten varieties of grapes harvested for peak flavor and mouthwatering specialty varieties with distinctive tastes and shapes throughout the month of August.

Grape Expectations

Choose your grapes based on your favorite flavors and look for plump grapes with flexible stems to get the freshest bunch. If you see a powdery-white coating on them, it’s a good sign! That substance is called bloom – it occurs naturally and helps the grapes retain moisture.

When it comes to nutrition, grapes deliver – they're high in Vitamins A & C and they're low in calories so you can enjoy them by the bunch! They also stay fresh for at least a week when you keep them refrigerated, rinse in small bunches (only the portion you’re planning to eat), and ensure they’re not packed too tightly.

Amazing Grapes

Blended into dessert. Roasted on crostini. Straight from the bag. There’s more than one way to eat a grape—and so many tasty varieties to choose from! This season, we’re celebrating these juicy gems with creative recipes for grapes of every size, shape and hue. Feel free to swap out the grapes you use, and have fun discovering the vibrant, fresh array we have in store!


1Gum Drops®

Why we love them: These juicy fruits are noticeably sweeter than the average grape, with a mild tartness and lingering, sugary finish reminiscent of gumdrops or gummy bears. They’re seedless and plucked from the vine at peak ripeness for unparalleled flavor. How to serve them: Try them in our recipe for Roasted Grape Crostini with Ricotta and Thyme. Roasting softens the grapes’ skin and intensifies their sweet flavor.


2Cotton Candy®

Why we love them: It’s easy to see why these plump, juicy grapes are a big favorite. They’re unique, sweet and really do taste just like that nostalgic, melt-in-your-mouth cloud of spun sugar! How to serve them: In our Green Grape and Honeydew Granita, we blended these beauties into an icy-cold treat. We love the unexpected flavor and sweetness these grapes offer, but you can always substitute a different green grape for this recipe.

Jelly Drops grapes

3Jelly Drops®

Why we love them: These dark purple gems are hybrid grapes, with the aromatic earthiness of Concord Grapes and the sweetness of Thompson Seedless Grapes. Plump and juicy, they’re perfect for roasting and pureeing into sauces. How to serve them: Roasted grapes and wild salmon complement each other beautifully. Try Jelly Drops in our recipe for Wild Salmon with Roasted Grapes and Red Wine Sauce.

Moon-Drop-Grapes-IMG 2263

4Moon Drop®

Why we love them: Juicy, crisp and sweet, these intriguing, virtually black grapes are covered during rainfall to protect the fruit from water that could potentially dilute their natural sugars. How to serve them: Enjoy in a salad with fresh roasted pork or duck, along with blue cheese or goat cheese.

muscadine grape


Why we love them: These plump, round, speckled orbs have a tough skin that’s best to remove before eating. Their flavor is distinct and pleasantly sweet. How to serve them: Remove skins and puree or muddle into a bourbon sour cocktail.

Concord grapes


Why we love them: Concord Grapes have that classic, quintessential grape flavor (think grape jelly or grape juice). They’re the perfect marriage of sweet and tart flavors and are delightfully juicy. How to serve them: Muddle into shrubs and cocktails, juice into popsicles and granitas, or bake into cake!

Champagne grapes


Why we love them: These petite, pea-sized seedless grapes grow in tight clusters. They’re crisp and sweet with a hint of tartness. How to serve them: Champagne Grapes are a delicious way to keep cocktails cold, without watering them down. Simply freeze them and add some to your favorite sips.