An Apple a Day

Learn how to make the most of apple season.

Bake a pie, toss a salad, sauce it up and love every bite!

Fall makes us think of crisp weather, warm meals and, of course, the arrival of apple season! Although many apples are tasty enough to eat out of hand, you can also bake them into pies, slice them up and add them to your morning oatmeal or incorporate them into fresh, fall-inspired salads.

We always want to make sure we offer you the very best apples. Our first-of-the-season apples hail from Washington – the largest apple producing state in the U.S.. Rich, lava-ash soil and a semi-arid climate means pests are less problematic and allows these apples to be grown organically easier than they can be in the east. Our apples are harvested in the Fall, right at peak season, to guarantee the best freshness, flavor and texture!

Read on to learn about the varieties we offer, along with recipes and serving tips. Happy apple picking!

Fuji Apples


Why We Love Them: Exceptionally sweet and juicy, with a creamy flesh, these apples have a Brix (sugar) level of 15-18, making them one of the sweetest you can bite into! How to Eat: These apples are perfect for baking since they hold their shape well. Try in our recipe for Apple, Cheddar and Ham Breakfast Strata.



Why We Love Them: A popular favorite (for good reason!), these firm, crisp apples are sweet and juicy, with flavors reminiscent of apple cider. How to Eat: We think these apple sing when added to salads and are perfect in our recipe for Apple and Roasted Fennel Salad with Pancetta.

Gala Apples


Why We Love Them: These mellow apples have a floral aroma and with hints of vanilla. How to Eat: Since they don’t hold up as well when baked, they’re best for snacking or salads, like in our recipe for Fall Harvest Salad with Maple Mustard Vinaigrette.

Rave Apples


Why We Love Them: This exciting new apple is a unique hybrid of Honeycrisp and MonArk, and is crunchy, acidic and unbelievably juicy! How to Eat: This sweet-tart apple is best enjoyed right out of hand!

Ginger Gold

5Ginger Gold

Why We Love Them: Sweet with a mild tartness, these crisp apples are similar in flavor to Golden Delicious but have a more pronounced flavor. How to Eat: These apples are slow to brown, making them ideal for enjoying fresh, as a snack or in a salad. Try them in our recipe for Apple Chicken Salad with Rosemary Pecans.

Granny Smith Apples

6Granny Smith

Why We Love Them: We live for the quintessential pucker these apples deliver! How to Eat: Firm and tart with plenty of juice and hints of lemon, these versatile apples are perfect for baking or cooking but are also slow to brown, making them great in salads or paired with peanut butter for satisfying snack. These apples are also excellent in our Easy Apple Fritters because they stand up to the heat and retain their wonderful tartness!

McIntosh apples


Why We Love Them: These Eastern heirloom apples are juicy and sweet, with an apple cider flavor and a pleasant, refreshing tartness. How to Eat: These delicate apples bruise easily, so they’re best for chutneys, sauces or ciders. Try them in our recipe for Apple Onion Chutney.

SweeTango® Apples


Why We Love Them: These Eastern sweet and tart apples boast notes of citrus, honey and spice, and have a light, crisp texture and exceptional juiciness. How to Eat: Enjoy as a snack with your favorite cheese!