Build a Better Burger

How to make the best burger you’ve ever tasted.

Become a burger boss in a few simple steps.

Burgers are delicious, plain and simple. But some burgers are better than others. It all comes down to the ingredients—where they come from, how they’re prepared and even how they’re layered on your bun. (Classic example: Like Romeo and Juliet, your cheese and patty want to be together. Separating the two would be tragic.)

When it comes to burger-building, we like to keep it classic. Fresh-ground beef, a toasty bun, ooey-gooey cheese, quality condiments and a few crisp veggies round out the recipe.


Buns Matter. Start with quality buns. We recommend our Pretzel Bun, Ciabatta Bun or Kaiser Rolls. All are pillowy-fresh and ready to house the tastiest burger ingredients. Pro Tip: Make sure your bun is slightly larger than the size of your patty so it can catch any ketchup overflow. (It happens.)

Keep it Toasty. Toast your buns, either on the grill or under the broiler for a minute or less. This creates a crispy texture and helps hold condiments in place, preventing a soggy bun.

Yes to Mayo. Swipe your favorite mayo on the top and bottom bun. A light coating creates a protective later, so juices from the burger don’t seep into the bread. If you want to take things up a notch, try our Mississippi Comeback Sauce instead. Hold off on other condiments for now.

Beef It Up. A burger is only as good as the beef it boasts. For the juiciest burgers, we recommend ground chuck, which typically has a higher fat content (i.e. tender texture and full flavor). We strive for 85% lean ground chuck and grind ours fresh in store, only selling it the same day it’s ground. Be sure to gently shape the patty so you don't overwork the meat and only add seasoning to the patty right before you throw it on the grill.

Cheese, Please. Melty cheese makes all the difference. Think cheddar, Swiss, Gouda, even mozzarella. Don’t wait for the burgers to come off the grill before you top them with cheese (remember, they’re dying to be together). Place a slice on each burger during the final minute of cooking, then cover to melt.

Top It Off. Place tomatoes on top of the warm melted cheese. This helps hold the tomato in place as the cheese cools slightly. Then add your pickles, thinly sliced onion and soft lettuce. Our go-tos are Boston bibb and butter lettuce. These crispy greens also act as a blanket that holds everything in place.

The Final Touch. Add a dollop of quality ketchup and mustard on top of your lettuce. These, combined with a swipe of mayo on the top bun, act as the glue that holds your magic burger together.

The Baddest Burger Ingredients

And by “baddest,” we mean “best.” We’ve gathered some of our favorite ingredients for The Best Burger Ever, from fresh-ground beef to hot sauce you’ll want to add to every dish.


1The Fresh Market Ground Beef

If you’d like to make your own burgers, start with our chuck, ground in-house daily from quality steaks and roasts. We also have a wide selection of made-in-store Gourmet Burgers studded with flavorful ingredients, from bacon and cheddar to portabella and Gouda.


2Pretzel Buns + Ciabatta Buns + Kasier Rolls

Our new authentic, Hungarian-style pretzel buns are made to withstand big, juicy burgers—without getting soggy! We also have new Italian-style ciabatta buns that are crispy on the outside and perfectly light and airy on the inside and New York style Kaiser Rolls are perfect for the ultimate burger. Like our pretzel buns, both are hearty enough to serve as a reliable burger base.

Red Dragon Cheese

3Red Dragon Cheese

This sharp Welsh cheddar is made with brown ale and whole grain mustard. It’s bold, zesty and melts beautifully. The sharpness of the cheese pairs well with the richness of our Gourmet Bacon Cheddar Burger (plus, can you really have too much cheese on a burger?).

Red Clay Hot Sauces

4Red Clay Hot Sauces

These handcrafted sauces are made with minimal ingredients from local farmers, like bourbon barrel-aged Fresno peppers and vinegar. We’re proud to be the first major retailer to offer them! Try mixing them with mayonnaise for the perfect burger sauce.

Go Gourmet

While classic burgers will always have a special place in our heart, we also like mixing things up. Our Gourmet Burgers are an easy and satisfying way to try something new. From Southern-inspired Pimento Cheese Burgers loaded with bacon and sweet jalapeños, to Salmin Burgers sandwiched between pickled red onions and tzatziki sauce, the range of flavors is limitless.

Nacho BurgerNacho Burger

Nacho Burger + Ciabatta Bun + Avocado Slices Meet the Burger of the Month for August, our Nacho Burger! We make these burgers in store with fresh-ground chuck, diced chiles, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, pickled jalapenos and black olives. Pair with our new ciabatta buns, then top with avocado slices (or guacamole), crushed tortilla chips and fresh cilantro.

Gourmet Bacon Cheddar Burger + Pretzel Bun + Red Dragon Cheese Our Gourmet Bacon Cheddar Burger is made in store with real bacon and cheddar cheese. We love serving it on a soft, Hungarian-style pretzel bun and topping it with Red Dragon Cheese. This bold, zesty Welsh cheese melts easily, and its sharp flavor helps balance out the richness of the burger. As far as additional toppings, we like to keep it simple with a classic combination of mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato.

Salmon Burger with Feta and Dill + Kaiser Bun + Doux South Pickled Onions Think outside the beef with our made-in-store Salmon Burgers with Feta and Dill. These savory patties are especially tasty on soft, Austrian-style Kaiser rolls. Ours are back by popular demand and baked fresh in store. Finish the whole thing off with tangy, crunchy pickled red onions that are hand-packed and made with only natural ingredients. We also like to add a swipe of tzatziki sauce and a handful of fresh, peppery arugula.