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We’re committed to bringing you delicious, unique offerings from across the country—and around the world. That’s why we’ve added even more curated goods to our selection!

Visit The Fresh Market near you to find an exciting range of new products—from traditionally crafted pastas and sauces, to gourmet oils and vinegars, to unique cocktail mixers and crackers for entertaining. Many of these items come from family-owned businesses and are crafted in small batches using authentic recipes and only the finest ingredients.

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Pastas & Sauces

Our new pastas include authentic, artisanal noodles imported from Italy that taste homemade, as well as small-batch American and Italian noodles crafted with alternative ingredients and healthier grains. We also have rich, robust sauces that deliver maximum flavor with minimal, high quality ingredients.

San Remo Pasta

1Compagnia San Remo Pasta

These pastas contain just 2 ingredients: 100% organic durum wheat semolina and water. The pasta is made by employing ancient techniques, using a large, sophisticated mill that was designed explicitly for the processing of durum wheat.

Pastificio Di Martino Pasta

2Pastificio Di Martino Pasta

Made with 100% fine durum wheat semolina, Di Martino won a Gragnano (the most prestigious award in Europe, which also protects the authenticity of the pasta). Thanks to bronze die extrusion, this authentic Italian pasta has a wonderful, rustic texture that’s ideal for holding sauces. For a limited time, you'll find some of these uniquely-cut pastas in special packaging designed by Dolce & Gabbana.

Community Grains Organic Pasta

3Community Grains Organic Pasta

These whole grain pastas are crafted from wheat that’s been milled whole, so the texture of the flour is superior to others and the nutrients of the grains are still intact. This is the only pasta that gives you “23 Points of Identity,” which means the wheat is fully traceable—from seed to store. You can even learn about the farm, seed source, crop rotations and more by looking up your specific batch code.

Jovial Pasta Brown-Rice Farfalle

4Jovial Organic Brown Rice Pasta

Made in Tuscany with 100% organic brown rice, this gluten- and allergen-free pasta has a texture and flavor that’s as close to traditional pasta as possible. It’s made by fourth-generation pasta artisans, pressed with bronze dies and slow dried for the best texture and flavor.

Rustichella D’Abruzzo Fregola Sarda

5Rustichella D’Abruzzo Fregola Sarda

Made in Sardinia, Italy, this unique tiny pearl pasta is an Italian version of Israeli couscous. It’s made with the finest quality durum wheat that’s been blended with pure mountain spring water. Hand-carved, century-old bronze dies are used to make the pasta, which is slowly air-dried for a rustic texture and toasted in a wood burning oven for rich, nutty flavor.

Scarpetta Pasta Sauce


Scarpetta translates to “slipper" in Italian, which refers to the "little shoe," or piece of bread, used to mop up the last bit of sauce on your plate. Each recipe uses fresh Italian tomatoes and herbs, with no dehydrated or artificial ingredients and no added sugars. Scarpetta sauces have won 19 SOFI awards and two Clean Choice awards.

A.G. Ferrari pasta sauce

7A.G. Ferrari

A.G. Ferrari began almost a century ago when its namesake, Annibale Ferrari, began importing his favorite Italian foods and selling them in California. The ingredients in these sauces and spreads are mostly sourced from Italy, and they’re incredibly versatile. Enjoy the sauces with your favorite pasta, or try the spreads as a flavor enhancing mix in for soups, appetizers and dressings.

San Remo Pasta Sauce

8Compagnia San Remo Pasta Sauce

These sauces are made with fresh Italian ingredients, including Pera d'Abruzzo tomatoes, and are high quality yet affordable. They’re packaged in traditional jars, are ready to cook and are perfect for easy Italian dishes like chicken parmesan, lasagna and spaghetti and meatballs.

Curated Crackers

We’ve searched high and low for the best crackers for your pantry. Some are made specifically to pair with cheese, while others are crafted with unique and unexpected ingredients. We also have some healthier, allergen-free crackers, so there’s something for everyone!

The Fine Cheese Co. Toast for Cheese

1The Fine Cheese Co. Toast for Cheese

These crackers are twice baked like biscotti, so they’re exceptionally light and crisp. They’re studded with dried fruits, nuts and seeds (around 60% of the cracker), and they’re a fun new way to think about crackers. They’re visually stunning and just begging to be paired with endless types of sweet and savory cheeses! We also offer The Fine Cheese Co. English Wheat Finger Biscuits, English Bath Oval Biscuits, Charcoal Squares and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crackers.

Matiz Tortas de Aceite

2Matiz Tortas de Aceite

Made with over 25% Spanish olive oil, these Spanish crisp breads are entirely handmade and each one has its own distinct shape. Best of all, there are only 8 ingredients, including just a hint of anise for intriguing flavor. They’re wonderfully delicate and crisp, with sweet varieties that pair beautifully with salty cheeses and savory dips.

Effies homemade Oatcakes

3Effies Homemade

This line of tea biscuits is made from quality, recognizable ingredients. Each biscuit's crisp texture, hint of buttery sweetness and slightly salty finish make it a perfect treat any time of day. Our favorite, Effie’s Cocoacakes, are crisp, buttery cookies lightly malted and layered with toasted coconut. Deep, dark and oh-so delicious, try them with sweet cheeses, a glass of cold milk or crumbled on top of your favorite ice cream.

The Organic Pantry Co. Flaxseed Crackers

4The Organic Pantry Co. Flaxseed Crackers

These stylish crackers are handmade in small batches with very few ingredients—but real, recognizable ones, like herbs and seeds. They’re organic, gluten-free, plant-based and antioxidant-rich, and they never have added sugar. We’re currently the only retailer to carry these on the East Coast.

Simple Mills GF Almond Flour and Sprouted Seed Crackers

5Simple Mills GF Almond Flour and Sprouted Seed Crackers

These non-GMO, allergy-friendly crackers are gluten, grain, soy, corn, dairy & gum/emulsifier-free and paleo-friendly. They also have 20-50% fewer carbohydrates than leading cracker brands. Their Almond Flour Crackers are made with just eight ingredients, and their Sprouted Seed Crackers feature a nutrient-dense blend of sprouted seeds.

Oils and Vinegars

Stock your kitchen with new artisanal extra virgin olive oils and vinegars that add a burst of flavor to a variety of dishes. We also have infused truffle oils made with pure, high-quality ingredients and no artificial flavors.

Lucero Extra Virgin Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars

1Lucero Extra Virgin Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars

Each bottle of Lucero olive oil has a color-coded label: Green for robust, early harvest oils, yellow-green for medium-intensity and purple for more delicate oils made with ripe olives. These California oils have earned more than 300 medals in competitions all over the world.

For Lucero’s Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, they use a traditional recipe with grape must, aged vinegar and strong wine vinegar. Before leaving Italy, every batch of their balsamic vinegar is certified by the Assigiatori Italiani Balsamic.

Regalis Infused Truffle Oils

2Regalis Organic Truffle Oils

Regalis is one of the nation’s leading importers of truffles. Their organic white and black truffle oils are naturally infused with the finest raw truffles, without the artificial flavors or synthetic flavors and aromas used in other oils. For their white truffle oil, Regalis uses cold-pressed, small estate grown California Arbequina extra virgin olive oil that they infuse with fresh white truffles from Le Marche, Italy, while their black truffle oil uses estate grown California extra virgin olive oil infused with earthy black winter truffles from Valencia, Spain.

Bariani Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3Bariani Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Bariani’s extra virgin olive oil is entirely made on Bariani’s own farm in Zamora, California. Not only do they own their olive orchards, but they do the picking, crushing and pressing themselves. Bariani’s oils are versatile, but they’re especially revered by raw foodists. Their oils contain 989 mg of polyphenols (one of the highest in the field). Bariani is also heavily committed to sustainability.

Castillo De Canena Arbequina Olive Oil

4Castillo De Canena Arbequina Olive Oil

This family-owned, eco-friendly business in Andalusia, Spain has won over 100 international awards for quality and was named one of the world’s greatest olive oil producers four years in a row. Their oil is a beautiful way to elevate grilled or fresh veggies, meat, cheese, fruit and pizza, and is also a delicious butter substitute in baked goods.

Mis Raices Extra Virgin Olive Oil

5Mis Raices Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This olive oil is produced from an exclusive, unique Empeltre variety of olive from Bajo Aragón in Spain. It’s the first Empeltre olive oil to enter the U.S. market and is limited edition, with just 20,000 bottles (we’ve claimed nearly half of them)! This oil is fruity, ripe, delicate, sweet and low intensity, perfect for everyday cooking.

International Foods

Add international flavor to your menu with our new items sourced from around the globe. Try new authentic, artisanal noodles and sauces for cooking and dipping, as well as wholesome options made with organic ingredients.

Haku Shoyus

1Haku Shoyus

Shoyu is a Japanese aged soy sauce that’s much sweeter and more complex than grocery store soy sauce and is aged for a longer amount of time. Haku’s distinctive line of shoyus are earthy, elegant and delicate, and made in small batches using traditional Japanese methods. Use them for finishing a dish or for dipping.

Mina Harissas

2Mina Harissas (mild and spicy) and Shakshuka Sauce

Harissa is a spicy chili pepper paste or sauce made with chilies, garlic and olive oil, and is found in North African cuisine. Mina’s harissa sauces are made with traditional ingredients with a touch of vinegar for a unique tang. The shakshuka sauce is made with ripe tomatoes, roasted peppers, garlic and a secret blend of 6 Moroccan spices—delicious with pastas, pizzas, soups and eggs.

Ocean’s Halo Sauces

3Ocean’s Halo Sauces

These soy-free sauces are organic, gluten-free and vegan, and are excellent soy sauce alternatives. They’re made with minimal ingredients and are kelp-based, so they’re sustainable and more environmentally friendly and nutritious than traditional soy sauces. They also have 30% less sodium than the average leading soy sauce brands, and still give you that delicious umami you crave.

Tsuki Ramen Base

4Tsuki Professional Ramen Base

These ramen bases are full of umami flavor that's complex and delicious. They’re made with quality, minimal ingredients so you can easily create an authentic, restaurant-caliber bowl of ramen at home. To use, simply dilute to preference, heat, add noodles and garnishes and serve.

Wa Sobas and Udon

5Wa Sobas and Udon

Wa’s buckwheat soba noodles are made by following centuries-old traditions to achieve the ideal texture. Their Matcha Cha Soba is made with pristine water from Zao Mountains and Tenryu Matcha green tea carefully selected by an award-winning tea master. They also have Udon Katakuriko made from potato starch for a hearty texture.

Zocalo Peru Cooking Sauce and Chili Paste

6Zocalo Chili Paste and Cooking Sauce

Zocalo chili pastes are made exclusively from organic, fresh pureed aji chilies, making them the only organic aji chili pastes on the market. Add them to sauces or marinades for a spicy kick. Zocalo cooking sauces are made with fresh, organic aji panca and aji Amarillo chilies, herbs, spices and extra virgin olive oil.


It’s time to shake things up! Elevate your cocktails (or mocktails) with new quality ingredients. These tonics, shrubs and mixers make it easy to craft cocktails at home that taste like they were whipped up by a skilled mixologist.

Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower & Rose Cordial

1Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower Cordial and Presse

This cordial and presse (lemonade) both contain elderflowers that are hand-picked on Belvoir Farms’ fields every year. They’re made without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and have a light, delicate and refreshing flavor. Delicious on their own, they also blend beautifully with cocktails and sparkling water.

Bittermilk Mixers

2Bittermilk Mixers

These carefully crafted, handmade mixers are smartly designed to be paired with spirits so you can have a delicious two-ingredient cocktail without having to do any work. Made with minimal (real) ingredients, each mixer is complex in flavor, adding well-balanced bitter, sweet and acidic components to any cocktail.

Fentimans Tonics

3Fentimans Botanically Brewed Beverages

Each tonic is expertly made by the century-old tradition of botanical brewing and fermenting herbs and milled roots. The process takes place over 7 days for optimum flavor and complexity. Fentimans sources the best ingredients from all over the world, targeting locations that are specifically known for the ingredients they need.

Navy Hill Soda & Tonic

4Navy Hill Soda & Tonic

These award-winning soda-tonic blends are free of high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and have 56% less sugar and 61% less calories than standard tonic waters. They’re wonderfully light and crisp, made with triple purified water and quinine tonic, and infused with flavors of fresh fruits, spices and herbs, as well as electrolytes.

Element Shrub & Club

5Element Shrub & Club

These fruity, aromatic shrubs are made with fresh, whole fruit, cane sugar, organic herbs and spices and organic apple cider vinegar. They’re also free of artificial flavors and colors. They’re complex, refreshingly tangy and effervescent, and can be enjoyed on their own or as a delicious addition to any cocktail.


Love tea? Explore our range of authentic, premium whole leaf teas. We also have wholesome, nutritious blends with various health benefits, teas for sipping on-the-go and eco-friendly options with minimal product packaging.

Blue Lotus Chai

1Blue Lotus Chai

Blue Lotus chai teas are authentic, organic, non-GMO and aromatic, with plenty of spice. They’re the only hot-water soluble, unsweetened and genuine Indian-style chai powders on the market. No steeping is required and the tea can be made in seconds. They’re also wonderfully economical since you only need ¼ tsp per cup.

Paromi Full Leaf Teas

2Paromi Full Leaf Teas

Paromi stores its teas in glass jars, designed to keep the teas protected from light, air and moisture, so they stay fresh and fragrant. The brand makes full leaf teas, which have more flavor and health benefits than tea bags. The teas are sourced from the world’s top estates and are made with fresh fruits, herbs, flowers, spices and essential oils. Each tea bag is enough tea to brew a 12-14 oz mug.

Republic of Tea Single Sips

3The Republic of Tea Single Sips

The Republic of Tea packages their teas in specially designed air-tight, light-resistant packages, with full-leaf teas and herbs. They also offer a Single Sips line of teas, which consists of convenient individual tea packs designed for on-the-go tea-drinkers. Their teas are cleansing, energizing and full of flavor.

Rishi Matcha Super Green

4Rishi Organic

Rishi employs Direct Trade practices, so their organic teas are ecologically, sustainably and meticulously sourced from around the world and can be traced to their original growing source. Their non-loose-leaf teas come in biodegradable tea bags and are inspired by everything from coffee and cocktail trends to traditional culinary arts from global food cultures.



Teapigs’ founder is a trained tea taster and chooses only the best quality whole leaf teas, spices, herbs and berries for each tea blend for maximum flavor. The company has also won 90 Great Taste Awards over the years. Plus, the sachets that hold the loose teas are completely plastic-free and biodegradable, so they can be recycled or composted.

Harney & Sons Loose Teas

6Harney & Sons Loose Teas

This family-run company has a longstanding reputation for sourcing the best ingredients from the finest tea gardens around the world. Each estate and garden uses a single style of processing that’s determined by elevation, moisture and farming practices. These loose-leaf teas also have more flavor since they’re whole leaf teas.


Why not bake with the best? Our new baking ingredients make it easy to elevate your favorite baked goods. We offer unique flours, syrups and sprinkles, along with allergen-free options that make delicious baked treats more accessible.

Artisan Kettle Organic Bittersweet Chocolate Baking Bar

1Artisan Kettle Baking Bars and Chips

Unlike many organic chocolate brands, Artisan Kettle manufactures its own chocolate. Each recipe uses quality ingredients like Fair Trade Certified™ cocoa, real vanilla, organic cane sugar and organic cocoa butter. Their bittersweet baking bar won the SOFI award for New Product of the Year in the Baking Ingredients category in 2018.

Date Lady Organic Date Sugar and Syrup

2Date Lady Organic Date Sugar and Syrup

Made entirely of organic dates, this unique syrup is one of the only whole sweeteners on the market and is not processed in any way. It’s also rich in potassium, antioxidants, fiber and magnesium. This is a sugar you can really feel good about, and how many sugars can you say that about?

Hayden Flour Mills All Purpose Flour

3Hayden Flour Mills

Hayden Flour Mills is a family-run business that produces minimally processed flours in a solar-powered facility. Crafted with a heritage varietal white Sonora wheat, their flours have better flavor and nutrition than those made with modern, processed wheat. They were also named one of 10 winners on Martha Stewart’s American Made Contest.

Runamok Maple Syrup

4Runamok Maple Syrup

This maple syrup was recognized as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things of 2016. These small-batch, organic syrups are made in Vermont and taste-tested daily to ensure they’ve reached their peak before being bottled. Try the Sugarmaker's Cut or opt for infused syrup for intriguing flavor.

The Fresh Market Vanilla Bean Paste

5The Fresh Market Vanilla Bean Paste

Vanilla bean paste works as a one-to-one substitute for vanilla extract and infuses your recipes with a deeper, more vibrant vanilla essence. The flecks also add a nice touch to baked goods, particularly in light-colored desserts.

India Tree Nature’s Colors Carnival Mix Sprinkles

6India Tree Carnival Mix Sprinkles

India Tree Carnival Mix Sprinkles are made with plant-based ingredients and are colored entirely without artificial colors or flavors. They’re perfect for baking into or topping homemade confetti-style cakes, cookies, doughnuts or other baked goods.