Ultimate Ice Cream

Explore new flavors and truly unique toppings for sundae bliss.

The Thrill of the Chill

Ice cream is a go-to afternoon treat, after-dinner dessert or midnight snack all year round. But summer heat is the perfect reason to try fun, new flavors and shake up your toppings routine. Read on for some of our favorite new flavors (gelato, ice cream and individual frozen treats), uniquely delicious toppings and “accessories” (The Konery Waffle Cones!) plus recommended combinations to help you chill out all summer long.

Sweet Pints & Bites

We’ve brought in some sweet items to enjoy (and share) this summer. From gelato to bon-bon inspired bites, meet your new summer favorites!

Dolcezza Gelato

1Dolcezza Gelato

These award-winning artisanal gelatos are hailed to be some of the best in the country. The family-run DC gelato shop whips up authentic flavors made with local dairy and produce, great care and precision. Wonderfully smooth, creamy and rich, these gelatos are the real deal.

Talenti Layers

2Talenti Layers

These new gelato parfaits come in 4 different varieties, each one featuring five decadent layers of accoutrements that complement each irresistible flavor and add excellent texture. Try each parfait to see if you can pick a favorite – we think they’re all outstanding!

Jeni’s Ice Cream

3Jeni’s Ice Cream

We’ve extended our selection of Jeni’s to include seasonal favorites like Frose – just in time for summer. These ice creams have a velvety smooth texture and buttercream body, with bright flavor and clean ingredients (Jeni’s doesn’t use synthetic flavorings, dyes, stabilizers, emulsifiers or off-the-shelf mixes). Enjoy any one of their flavors straight from the pint, or serve alongside crumbles, crisps, pies or cookies—the perfect accessory for your dessert!

High Road Wallops!

4High Road Wallops!

Cookie dough meets ice cream meets the bon-bon in this exciting, totally addictive treat. Cookie dough is enrobed in a real dark chocolate shell – (most other brands use fake chocolate coating) for a totally decadent dessert. Try just eating one of these ice cream bites, it’s impossible!

Sensational Sundae Toppings

Whether you’re making a super sundae or want something special for your cone, we have the best toppings ever. Our favorite ice cream accessories include our decadent dark chocolate sauce plus some unexpected toppings to add extra flavor zing to your favorite frozen treats. From Key Lime Crunch Snack Mix to our Strawberry Coconut Biscotti, you can create a toppings bar unlike any other with these unique ingredients.


  1. The Fresh Market Strawberry Coconut Biscotti >> Our seasonal, soft-baked biscotti is dipped in a white chocolate glaze and sprinkled with coconut pieces. While we love to enjoy it with coffee, it’s also delicious broken up and sprinkled over ice cream!

  2. Marich Ice Cream Malt Balls >> A classic candy with a twist – light malt centers with a strawberry sherbet candy shell. Crush them up for a unique (and totally delicious) sundae topping.

  3. The Fresh Market Dark Chocolate Sauce >> You can’t go wrong with decadent chocolate sauce. Ours is made with real cream, sugar, butter and rich cocoa. It’s oh so delicious drizzled on ice cream or gelato (or enjoyed straight from the jar!).

  4. Key lime pound cake cubes >> Our creamy baked-in-store pound cake flavor-packed with lime and a hint of graham for a taste that’s reminiscent of a traditional key lime pie. Slice into bite-sized cubes for a special topping or in-cone surprise.

  5. Lemoncello Almonds >> Crunchy roasted almonds are covered in a blend of white chocolate and lemon cream for the perfect combination of crunchy, creamy, sweet and salty goodness. Add these to your favorite fruit-focused ice cream or gelato (if you can get them to the cone without eating them up!)

  6. The Konery Waffle Cones >> Care for a cone? The Konery’s are hand-rolled with fresh herbs, spices and natural extracts baked into each innovative recipe. Each delicious flavor is also dairy- and preservative-free.

  7. The Fresh Market Ice Cream Sundae Mix >> This playful and delicious mix features rainbow milk chocolate nonpareils, honey roasted peanuts, banana chips, pecan pieces and ice cream sundae malt balls for a nostalgic snack or ice cream topping that tastes just like the ultimate sundae!

  8. Almond Crispie Cookies >> While all our Crispie Cookies are delicious paired with your favorite ice cream flavors, our Almond Crispie Cookies are a treat you don’t want to miss. Baked-in store with a delicate and delectable almond flavor, these cookies are the perfect topping for a refreshing sundae on a hot summer day.

Ice Cream Creations

With so many delicious ice cream flavors and unique toppings to choose from, where should you start? We’re here to inspire your ice cream creativity with a few of our favorite combinations. Once you’ve tried them all, create your own summer cone and share it with us!

Sizzling temps call for creating cool treats and discovering new flavors like these!

ice cream with cones
  • Jeni’s Brambleberry Ice Cream + Honey Roasted Cashews + Birthday Cake Konery Cone

Honey roasted cashews add a sweet salty crunch to creamy vanilla ice cream featuring layers of toasted streusel and brambleberry jam (blackberries and blackcurrants). Put it all in a birthday cake waffle cone for a sweet finish!

  • Dolcezza Roasted Strawberry Gelato + The Fresh Market Dark Chocolate Sauce + Konery Dark Chocolate Cone

Whole milk from grass-grazed cows meets roasted strawberries in this rich and refreshing ice cream. Make it even more decadent with our dark chocolate sauce, sprinkles and a dark chocolate cone. Delicious!

  • Coolhaus Vanilla ice cream + cashews mixed with Mike’s Hot Honey, topped with toasted sesame seeds

This awesome ice cream features vanilla beans from Tahiti and Madagascar for exceptional flavor. Give it a new twist and some sweet heat when you top it with crunchy cashews coated in Mike’s Hot Honey and toasted sesame seeds.