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Your Thanksgiving Guide

Creative Ideas & Delicious Dishes for a Flawless Feast

Thanksgiving – Dinner & Prep Tips, Deliciously Simplified

Flickering candles. Sparkling wine. Succulent turkey and ham, perfectly sliced, surrounded by a medley of classic and creative sides. And, finally, a Thanksgiving dessert table laden with luscious confections that taste like home.

Whether you’re cooking for an intimate gathering or preparing a Thanksgiving Day dinner feast for the whole family (in-laws included), The Fresh Market has everything you need for a memorable and delicious holiday. If you’ve already pulled out your favorite apron, scroll through our tried-and-true recipes, turkey carving tips and serving guides. If you’d rather spend less time making things and more time munching on them, check out our fully-prepared meals, sides and desserts that you can order ahead.

Feeling inspired (or maybe just hungry)? Browse all of our holiday web pages below and click through for tips, techniques, recipes and more that will help you savor—and simplify—your Thanksgiving meal, from the first sip to the last bite.