Outstanding Entrées

Serve the perfect Easter pièce de résistance.

Keep it classic with our exceptional ham and lamb.

You can’t celebrate Easter without ham, lamb or one of each! Our Spiral Sliced Honey Ham and Lamb (rack or leg, bone-in or boneless) make memorable entrees. We even have pairing recommendations, including wines and glaze, so you can savor the perfect balance of flavors in every bite (and sip).

Keep reading for all the juicy details on our exquisite meat, including recipes that you and your family will love. Whatever you choose to dish out, we’re here to help you make it an Easter feast to remember!

Spiral Sliced Honey Ham

Our Spiral Sliced Honey Ham is sweet, savory and makes for a stunning centerpiece. Plus, it’s fully cooked, so all you have to do is heat and serve!

What makes every bite so delicious? We smoke our ham over hickory hardwood and double-glaze it with honey and brown sugar for deep, satisfying flavor. It’s also easy to slice and can be served cold or at room temperature.

To heat your ham, simply place it flat-side down on a foil-lined baking sheet, wrap with foil and cook at 325°F for 10-12 minutes per pound. Then, voila! You have the perfect traditional Easter entrée, ready to slice and serve.


Perfect Pairings

Fresh Pineapple Pineapple and ham go together like PB&J—only better. Dress up your ham by studding it with fresh pineapple rings, or garnish it with sliced pineapple. The sweet, salty flavor combination is irresistible. Bonus: We have fresh cored pineapple, cored and sliced pineapple rings and spears in our Produce Department, prepped for your convenience. If you’re craving something a little different, try our recipe for Grilled Pineapple with Chili Lime Rub.

Robert Rothschild Raspberry Honey Mustard Glaze A seven-time medal winner at the Napa Valley Mustard Competition, this versatile glaze is delicious with vegetables, soft pretzels and—you guessed it—ham. Red raspberry vinegar adds a touch of brightness, balanced by sweet honey and tangy mustard. Slather it on ham sandwiches for next-level flavor.

St. Francis Merlot This flavorful Merlot from Sonoma Valley boasts layered aromas and flavors of plum, red cherry and dried cranberry. On the palate, it’s velvety-smooth with flavors of espresso and a touch of spice. The finish is robust with bold tannins and toasted oak—a perfect complement to our honey ham.

Free-Range Lamb

Our lamb is exquisitely tender, flavorful and perfect for Easter. We source the meat from free-range lambs that were raised without antibiotics or added hormones and were fed a 100% vegetable diet.

Our French Cut Rack of Lamb is available seasoned (with black pepper, spices, minced garlic and kosher salt) or unseasoned. We also offer a savory, celebratory Leg of Lamb. Our certified butchers will prepare it to your specifications—bone-in for a striking presentation and full flavor, or boneless for easier slicing.

Easter rack of lamb

Perfect Pairings

B.R. Cohn Cabernet Sauvignon Made from sustainably farmed grapes, this Cabernet offers a generous amount of cassis, black fruit and espresso with earthy undertones. Aromas of cedar, cloves and a touch of mocha and anise lead to flavors of caramel. The tannins are complex yet firm, and the finish is long and satisfying. The bold, deep flavors hold their own when paired with rich meat like lamb.

King Estate Acrobat Pinot Noir This Pinot Noir comes from a warmer-than-average Western Oregon growing season. Rich, fruit-forward aromas of strawberry and cherry mingle with notes of vanilla, cinnamon and mocha. On the palate, ripe strawberries and chocolate are accented by a touch of spice. The acidity and fruitiness of this wine acts as a foil to the rich, earthy flavor of our lamb.

A Leg Up on Lamb

Not sure how to prepare a leg or rack of lamb? We’ve gathered some of our favorite recipes, from roasted leg of lamb with harissa, garlic, herbs and spices, to simple yet show-stopping oven roasted rack of lamb with butter and garlic. If you really want to impress your guests, try our rack of lamb with a crunchy pistachio crust and sweet, rich pomegranate sauce. Pro Tip: If you love lamb but would like to cut back on its potential gaminess, simply remove the excess fat.

Roast Lamb with Harissa
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Oven Baked Rack of Lamb
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Rack of Lamb with Pistachio Crust and Pomegranate Sauce
Rack of Lamb with Pistachio Crust and Pomegranate Sauce
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