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New! Hot & Fresh Pizza

Made with Real Italian Ingredients

Tastes Like Italy. Made By Us.

Imagine the perfect Italian pizza. It has a crust that crisps to perfection. The sauce is made with crushed tomatoes grown in fertile lands just outside Mount Vesuvius in Naples, Italy. Creamy mozzarella cheese stretches with every bite. And, of course, all the toppings are fresh and vibrant.

Well, you can have this pizza! Introducing The Fresh Market’s new, hot and fresh pizza, made order–just for you.

Expertly crafted, our Neapolitan-style pizza comes in a mouthwatering array of toppings and flavors to choose from. What about the taste? Ah, the taste is so spettacolare, we crushed the number one pizza chain in America in a blind taste test.*

Ready to taste our winning pizza pie? Visit your neighborhood store and pick up a hot and fresh pizza to take home. You can also get our new pizza delivered. Order your favorite now on Instacart, DoorDash or UberEats.

Hot & Fresh Pizza Delivered

New! Hot & Fresh Pizza™ Dinner Deals

What’s better than our Hot & Fresh Pizza™? Our Hot & Fresh Pizza™ with Coca Cola and gelato! Perfect for busy weeknights, family gatherings, playoff parties and all occasions that call for a delicious and convenient meal. Available daily—simply head to your local store for pick up. In fact, why not try one of these Dinner Deals today?

12" Pizza Dinner Deal - $20 | 16" Pizza Dinner Deal - $25

Deal Includes:

  • One Hot & Fresh Pizza™ (12" or 16", All Varieties)
  • One 6-ok Coca-Cola Mini Cans or Two 20 oz Bottles (All Varieties of Coca-Cola Brand Products)
  • One Container of Gelato (The Fresh Market Gelato 30.4 oz, All Varieties)

Fresh Ingredients

Everyone loves pizza, that’s a given. But there’s a spectrum of choices available from fast-food pizza chains to Italian restaurants. We wanted our pizza to taste as authentic as the best Italian bistros–with our own gourmet twist. Did we do it? Our ingredients tell the story. After all, the proof is in the pizza, and here’s ours.

Pizza Crust


Originating from the world-renowned Caputo flour of Naples, our artisanal pizza crust is a masterpiece in its own right. This elite, finely ground double zero ("00") flour is the cornerstone of our crust that crisps to perfezione. True Italian crust is known for its crunch, and ours is formidable.

pizza sauce on crust


Bursting with freshness, our sauce is made from Italian tomatoes grown in volcanic soil near Mt. Vesuvius. We added a pinch of salt to enhance the tomatoes’ natural flavor. That’s it—just two quality ingredients for a sauce that’s eccellente.

Pizza Cheese


Creamy, smooth and delizioso, we use the finest mozzarella cheese made by master cheesemakers at BelGioioso. Employing classic Italian techniques, these masters use the freshest, antibiotic-free milk to craft a delicate, clean-flavored mozzarella that gives our pizza an irresistible gooey goodness.

Pizzas Everyone Will Love

Our variety of pizza selections make it easy to host a last-minute dinner, grab a quick lunch and satiate any pizza craving. And with options ranging from spicy, meaty delights like Hot Honey Pepperoni to meat-free wonders like Margherita and cheese-free choices like Ensalada, everyone can enjoy the pizza party or family pizza night.

Each flavor comes in two convenient sizes:

  • 12": Perfect for a satisfying meal for one or two people, starting at $7.99
  • 16": Ideal for sharing with friends and family, starting at $12.99
Hot Honey Pepperoni
Mike's Hot Honey® Pepperoni

For adventurous foodies who crave the thrill of sweet heat paired with savory pepperoni: Crushed Italian Tomatoes Shredded Mozzarella Cheese Sliced Pepperoni Mike’s Hot Honey® Pecorino Fresh Basil

cheese pizza
Cheese Pizza

For cheese aficionados, comfort food seekers and kids who have an affinity for simplicity: Crushed Italian Tomatoes Shredded Mozzarella Cheese Fresh Basil

TFM Pepperoni Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza

For meat lovers who can’t resist savory and salty pepperoni: Crushed Italian Tomatoes Shredded Mozzarella Cheese Sliced Pepperoni

Margherita Pizza
Margherita Pizza

For traditionalists who are passionate about experiencing classic ingredients and a time-honored recipe: Crushed Italian Tomatoes Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Pecorino Fresh Basil

Pepe Fromage Pizza
Pepe Fromage Pizza

For cheese connoisseurs and those who live for rich and spicy ingredients: Fresh Cracked Black Pepper Ricotta Cheese Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Pecorino Fresh Basil

Ensalada Pizza
Ensalada Pizza

For gourmet salad lovers and anyone who needs to skip the cheese. Crushed Italian Tomatoes Fresh Arugula Fresh Red Onions Balsamic Reduction Oven Roasted Tomatoes

New! Hot & Fresh Pizza

Rave Reviews

What matters most to us is our how our guests experience our food. We’re excited to share that our pizza is receiving rave reviews. Here’s a sampling of those reviews.

pepperoni pizza
"Yodi told me that The Fresh Market started to sell hot pizza and then she gave me a sample to try. I tried it and loved it! I ordered 1 pepperoni pizza and it tasted so good."

Guest from Dunwoody, GA

pizza review
"I had a very good experience in ordering 2 pizzas. I shopped a bit while they were in the oven, and ate a slice when I got home. It was very good, and the deli helper was friendly and helpful."

Guest from Miami, FL

guest testimonial for pizza
"Such a wonderful place to browse. Love the new pizzas!"

Guest from Lynchburg, VA

pizza box
"The options for lunch are always great. Fresh baked pizza is a great option for Fridays at the office."

Guest from Doral, FL

pepperoni pizza in pizza box
"If you have not tried the hot pizzas freshly made in the store, I highly recommend it. It is as good as, if not better than, any pizza restaurants in St Pete."

Guest from St Petersburg FL

pizza review
"... [Terry] encouraged my sister and I to sample a hot honey pepperoni pizza and it was so delicious we bought one for dinner. We will definitely be back!"

Guest from Midlothian, VA

The Chefs Behind Hot & Fresh Pizza

When we challenged our chefs to capture the essence of authentic Italian pizza, their top priority was to source real Italian ingredients made the traditional way. Chefs Ingrid, Jarrod, and PJ worked together to find growers and artisans with a passion for their culinary heritage and a deep well of generational knowledge for producing the freshest and best tasting food.

Inspired by working with these master farmers and crafters, our chefs created a range of pizza flavors so inviting they’ll makes your mouth water, and so delicious that, well, you might just tear up from the pure joy of eating them.

Whether you're an adventurous foodie, a cheese aficionado, meat lover or Italian pizza purist, there’s a delicious pizza waiting for you at The Fresh Market.

Chef PJ headshot
Chef PJ

As the head of the Culinary Research & Development team at The Fresh Market, PJ Damiano plays a key role in transforming gourmet grocery dining. His wide-ranging experience with other notable grocery retailers and his extensive culinary knowledge drives his creativity and innovation for The Fresh Market. He is a graduate of Institute of Culinary Education in New York.

Chef Ingrid headshot
Chef Ingrid

Ingrid Chen McCarthy brings more than 20 years experience in restaurants and food service operations to her current role as one of the Research and Development Chefs for The Fresh Market. Here she creates and tests recipes for every department in the company’s stores—from meat and seafood, to its meal programs (Little Big Meal, Market Meal Kit, etc), to its website and magazine. She is a graduate of the Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland.

Chef Jarrod headshot
Chef Jarrod

Jarrod Craft has been working in culinary innovation and marketing R&D for more than 15 years. From producing bench samples to leading culinary ideations and presentations, Jarrod has worked the gambit from manufacturing to culinary sales and now on the retail side of culinary as one of the Corporate Research & Development Chefs for The Fresh Market. He is a graduate of the Art Institute in Chicago.

*Of 502 total respondents that participated in a blind taste test of The Fresh Market NEW Hot & Fresh Pepperoni Pizza versus Domino’s® 1-topping Pepperoni Pizza, 61% percent of participants preferred the taste of The Fresh Market pepperoni pizza over Domino’s® pepperoni pizza. Domino’s® is a registered trademark of Domino’s IP Holder, LLC.