Win Free Fresh Food and More for 1 Year Sweepstakes Winners Stories

More than 125 winners shared their stories of winning The Fresh Market, Inc.’s “Win Free Fresh Food and More for 1 Year” Sweepstakes and two unexpected themes came through loud and clear: giving back to others and creating special occasions. From showing kindness to others, to being able to enjoy The Fresh Market's unique offerings even more, everyone said they were extremely grateful!

We are pleased to celebrate these winners and to share their stories below!

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Amy K
Amy K.


"Winning the sweepstakes has been the most exciting thing that has happened to my family! I have 2 daughters in college so for them, winning means that they get to pick some 'extras' to take back to college with them each week! For me & my husband, winning has meant that our grocery budget goes further which is incredibly important these days!"

Paul G
Paul G.


"I was ecstatic to win, my lucky day got turned into a lucky year. Highly grateful. I love going to The Fresh Market – we walk there nearly every day. Your products are as good as or better than our local Farmer’s Market. We love your employees. I’ve become friends with the employees behind the counter – they know me when I walk in and greet me by name."

Johnnie F
Johnnie F.


"Winning the sweepstakes means that I am able to have The Fresh Market products for my family during special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, Anniversaries, Birthdays, and more. The USDA Prime Filet Mignon and the Dark Chocolate Almonds are my two favorite products."

George H
George H.


"The Fresh Market is our absolute favorite place to shop for food so we were absolutely delighted (and thankful) to learn that we had won the One Year Sweepstakes. The store is always neat, clean, well stocked and organized. Items are displayed in an inviting way and having 'soft' music makes it even more delightful. Most of all, the entire staff can't do enough to help. Great people."

Kelley B
Kelley B.


"I very vividly remember seeing the sign in the store and saying to my husband, 'Free groceries for a year...that'd be nice'. So it took me a few days to come to the realization, after multiple Google searches, that it was in fact real and it was then that I became very excited, but still shocked knowing how many people probably signed up and that I was the one chosen. Free groceries for anyone, no matter who you are, means a lot. For my family, it means that we will be able to enjoy incredible dinners together that will create lasting memories."

Betsy L
Betsy L.


"I’ve always loved to create memories over delicious and healthy food. Whether it’s teaching my kids how to cook and bake, making and donating lasagnas for families in need through Lasagna Love, a National non profit, or having friends and family over for a meal, food has always been an integral part of the memories I have tried to create. As I say, there’s always an extra seat at the table. Winning this sweepstake allows me to live that more and more, and it enables me to do more of what I love - creating memories around food, friends, families, and giving."

Annette C
Annette C.


"I was a little bit shocked when I won, but it was perfect timing. My granddaughter just went to college at UNCW so we’re going to be able to use this to buy her groceries. The Fresh Market has some really good deals – I love the emails and I forward them to my granddaughter, who is using them to shop for her groceries and get the best deals!"

Teresa C.
Teresa C.


"I love the chuck and chicken Tuesday and your Little Big Meals! Love that I can run in and grab a nice salad or wrap for lunch. All of your products are wonderful and fresh. It’s a really special place to go and relax while you are grocery shopping. The staff are so friendly — they are very wonderful and make you feel welcome and special."

Susan B
Susan B.


"Winning the Sweepstakes means I can shop without worry. It means the monthly food is a lot less and a big help that way. My husband would get a better bottle of wine which is a big treat for us. I was thrilled to win, prices of food are crazy, and we love The Fresh Market."

Karen S.
Karen S.


"The Fresh Market gives us good prices and alerts us to what’s on sale. The Ultimate Loyalty Experience keeps me shopping for different things if I want to take advantage of sale prices and also allows me to try new things that I wouldn’t before because they were on sale."

Beverly N
Beverly N.


"My husband and I cut our grass the day the drawing took place. I made sure that I had my phone on me while I was cutting. My husband asked, 'Why?' I jokingly said, 'So that I don't miss the notification when they select my name to win the Fresh Food and More For A Year Sweepstakes.' We both laughed. When I did receive the email saying that I had won, we laughed again and thought it was a joke! I was so excited and grateful to be a winner. I LOVE The Fresh Market!"

Judy D
Judy D.


"I love everything about The Ultimate Loyalty Experience! The new products offered, the fantastic bargains I receive just for signing up as a member, the beautiful photography of foods, making it more likely I will try them, and the daily updates on new foods and products, and most of all, the discounts I receive for this free membership. What a bargain! Thanks for offering this wonderful sweepstakes opportunity to all shoppers."

Patti C
Patti C.


"When I read the details in the official rules, I remarked to myself 'How wonderful it would be to have a whole year of food from The Fresh Market'. I'm the sole caretaker of my disabled 83 yr old mother, and she is completely dependent on me to fix most of her meals. Believe me, I spend most of my time going from the grocery store, and then preparing food in the kitchen. When I found out that I won this, I was elated, and so humbled."

Jeannie K
Jeannie K.


"The Ultimate Loyalty Experience is effortless on my part and allows me wide latitude in exploring new fare. I love the offerings of the Seafood department and the staff members who always make just the right recommendation when I don’t know what I want. The people who take care of the seafood also give excellent easy-to-follow cooking instructions."

Lisa G
Lisa G.


"I couldn’t believe it when I won and was so excited because I love to shop at The Fresh Market! Our family loves to entertain and to give back to others. We were able to use part of the gift card this month to buy food to take with us to Kentucky to cook for the flood victims."

Andrea R.
Andrea R.


"When I found out I won, I called my mom, my sister, and everyone to share. I was so excited. It’s an amazing thing, we are so excited about dinner time. I’m buying things I don’t usually buy and buying the crab cakes we want to buy! It’s been really fun. I even ask my 16 year old son if he wants to come grocery shopping with me."

Robyn N.
Robyn N.


"Winning The Fresh Market sweepstakes means that I can feed my family without having to stress about our grocery bill. That's really important in today's world - everything seems so expensive now! Sometimes weeknight dinner planning falls off my to-do list, so when I need something fresh, healthy, and delicious in a hurry, I just pick up a Market Meal Kit or Little Big Meal to whip up at home. They are so easy to make and much more affordable than one of the delivery meal prep kits you can get by mail."

William S.
William S.


"Thrilled and overjoyed are the best two words to describe how elated we have been about winning this fabulous prize from The Fresh Market!! As prices soar this year, we feel truly blessed to have been so fortunate to have won such a wonderful Grand Prize at our favorite store! We look forward to the daily/weekly ad specials from The Fresh Market to help plan our menus and stretch our food budget. As 'seniors,' we feel winning this prize is like winning the Lottery!"

Kallie V.
Kallie V.


"Just very blessed, especially with the times right now. The Fresh Market has the freshest produce. I can keep going here to get the top-of-the-line stuff. Its consistently fresh. It means a financial break and a blessing for us. Winning the sweepstakes is a way for us to eat clean and healthy food."

Matt G.
Matthew G.


"I never win anything, so I was very excited and happy, it was euphoria! Winning the sweepstakes helps with inflation and it definitely helps with our budget. We also have a food pantry that we donate to, so we’re planning to use some of our winnings to pay it forward."

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M.


"I’ve been shopping with The Fresh Market for more than 25 plus years, so this is unbelievable. It’s incredible because our whole family loves when I go shopping at The Fresh Market – whether its special holiday treats or my weekly meat purchase, there are always fresh ideas. I have students that I tutor and I’ll be able to use some of my winnings to buy them gifts at Christmas!"

Deanne M
Deanne M.


"Winning the sweepstakes means better eating and spending less on groceries. I’ve been twice this past week. I always buy according to what’s on sale and have made a couple of splurges. This makes grocery shopping fun! My husband and I are retired and are on a fixed income, so I love saving money with your loyalty deals."

Sharon B
Sharon B.


"With the high costs of groceries these days, to win a $200 gift card to spend each month for a year is really awesome and helps so much with our grocery bill! Thanksgiving is not too far off and the gift card will be a tremendous help towards our Thanksgiving dinner!"

William D
William D.


"What went through my mind when I won was 'WOW! Did I really win?' It was exciting to win such a generous sweepstakes! The Ultimate Loyalty Experience is a wonderful program that we have been enjoying at our local TFM and the winning of this sweepstakes is 'icing on the cake.'"

Loretta F.
Loretta F.


"When I won a year of groceries, I felt like a kid in a candy shop. I wanted to try everything. I am on Social Security so this was such a blessing for me and my family who is amazed at the delicious meals I bring home. I can't thank you enough for your kindness and helping those who appreciate your help and thoughtfulness in having this sweepstakes. From the bottom of my heart and the last morsel on my plate I thank you!"

Blanca B.
Blanca B.


"Winning this sweepstakes will mean so much to my family. We will be able to budget more of our money towards fixing our house this year that would usually be spent on groceries. Our family favorite food item at The Fresh Market are the bar cakes. We get one almost every time we go shopping, and if there is a special occasion or family dinner you can be certain one of those bar cakes will be there!"

Erik O
Erik O.


"What I like best about the Ultimate Loyalty Experience is just the surprise and delight! I received some orchids from The Fresh Market a few weeks ago for being a member of the loyalty program. You do your every day shopping and then getting these little surprises – it makes me love The Fresh Market even more!"

Denise C.
Denise C.


"I was so excited and thrilled to win, because The Fresh Market is one of my favorite stores. It was such a nice surprise and it will help alleviate some of the costs of inflation and help with our monthly grocery bill. I love the rewards, discounts, and being able to stay up to date on new products that are offered."

A Few of Their Favorite Things

Whether it’s our easy-to-cook Little Big Meals or a sweet treat from our bakery, our guests often have go-to items that they just can’t pass up. Here, more sweepstakes winners share their thoughts on their delicious prize—and the favorite foods they’re most looking forward to buying.

Whole Atlantic Salmon Fillet

1Caitlin M. | Rehoboth Beach, DE

"This is a very generous gift from The Fresh Market and we look forward to preparing and enjoying some wonderful meals together, especially Thanksgiving because we haven’t all been together much over these last few years. I love the Salmon special and the weekly Little Big Meal. I can drop off to my parents or friends and share an easy to make full meal that helps them out."

The Fresh Market muffins

2John N. | Gainesville, FL

"I was quite amazed when I received the notification I won the contest, I had entered and kept up with the contest on my trips to The Fresh Market just on a whim. Our family's favorite items are the blueberry muffins, chicken pot pies and pizzas. And we love the value of the Rotisserie Chicken dinner meal. With rising inflation we will still be able to afford the best quality produce available and our TFM favorites."

Hibachi LBM

3Melissa F. | Kissimmee, FL

"All that time spent entering every day paid off! We love the Little Big Meals.  Always great food and perfect for us. Like any family, the extra dollars will help (and probably have the effect of us trying new products). The best things about The Ultimate Loyalty Experience are the great deals, appreciative staff for being a Member and opportunities like this!"

Loaded Twice Baked Potatoes

4Carolyn E. | Crystal Lake, IL

"I am incredibly thankful for winning the sweepstakes and my family and I are excited about all the healthy eating options that The Fresh Market offers. As being someone who has food allergies, I appreciate all of the different options available. I adore the twice baked potatoes and my family loves the corn bread muffins."

TFM Bacon

5Robert B. | Saratoga Springs, NY

"What I like best about the Ultimate Loyalty Program are the notifications of specials and sales items with the respective images, and also using the shopping list feature. The reward within the program provides an appreciation for being a valued customer. I love the The Fresh Market bacon followed by the produce, coffee, and in the fall, the pumpkin bread and pies."

Premium Choice Bone In NY Strip Steak

6Annette N. | Latham, NY

"My husband and I are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary this year and at the same time celebrating The Fresh Market’s 40th anniversary. Happy 40th!! Our favorite products are your fresh meat and seafood."

The Fresh Market Market Meal Kit

7Patrina W. | Lafayette, LA

"I would have to say my favorite item at The Fresh Market are the Market Meal Kits (The Chicken Marsala is my favorite)! It’s not only delicious but super easy to put together (makes dinner time a breeze)."

PLATTER WEB  fresh-fruit

8Sondra B. | Homewood, AL

"When I found out I had won the 'Free Fresh Food and More for 1 Year' Sweepstakes I couldn't believe it and then I thought this is really going to help with my grocery bills. I also thought about all the vegetarian options Fresh Market has since I'm a vegetarian. My favorite TFM food products would be the fresh fruit."

Ultimate Lump Crab Cake

9Cheryl K. | Carmel, IN

"I was so surprised and excited when I won! I'm a Loyal TFM shopper, and recently moved and made sure to move close to another store - so thrilled! Love the meat, ultimate crab cakes, deli and bakery items."

fresh produce

10Catherine B. | Geneva, IL

"Winning the sweesptakes is very nice in a time where groceries are increasing like crazy and to know some of those will be covered. I like your produce - you all have the best and freshest produce."

Porterhouse Steak

11Jenny D. | Roswell, GA

"I like seeing daily deals, members only pricing, including the porterhouse steaks. Love the people who work at The Fresh Market. Nice, friendly staff."

Sourdough Bread

12Elaine P. | Bedminster, NJ

"My favorite Fresh Market products include the breads like rye bread, challah and brioche. Other favorites are the fresh, sweet treats like coffee cake and scones."

fresh seafood

13Tate W. | Cincinnati, OH

"I enjoy everything at The Fresh Market – meat and seafood department are my favorite – I visit 3-4 times a week. The Ultimate Loyalty Experience rewards are huge and the emails are great – all things that I will use. I enjoy the daily email showing me deals on products I use every day."

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake

14Shelley W. | University Park, FL

"My favorite TFM food/product would include many of the treats & desserts found in the Bakery department. There are so many delicious choices, it's hard to pick just one!"

The Fresh Market Pimento Cheese

15Becky G. | Jacksonville, FL

"It's difficult to choose just one favorite TFM food/product. I love TFM pimento cheese and the large selection of fancy cheeses. The bakery items are hard to beat, too."

grilled chicken breast

16Cheryl L. | Stuart, FL

"The Fresh Market has so many amazing options to choose from. It is hard to pick just one favorite, but the meat department has the best meat in town. It is fresh and always tastes delicious. It has gotten me excited to start cooking again."


17Colin P. | Daphne, AL

"I make frequent visits to this store because it is one of the best options for me to get a cup of coffee, to get lunch during my workday, and to pick up groceries for dinner on the way home. My favorite TFM food is the fresh made sushi."

New York Strip Steak

18Ken K. | Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"We really like the meat department and Deli. We get strip steaks, blue cheese burgers and rotisserie chicken. The bakery is fantastic as well. Since we are retired, this is going to help us immensely this next year. We are very thankful."

The Fresh Market Spring Coffee

19Marissa H. | Valrico, FL

"My favorite Fresh Market items are the dried apple slices and dried veggies, the in-store made almond and peanut butter, coffees and the fresh sides at the deli counter."

Ginger Glazed Salmon

20Kathleen A. | Melbourne, FL

"The ginger glazed salmon prepared meal has become only one of my favorites, but I can't get out of the store without stopping by the meat market and a visit to the bakery."

Ultimate Skewers

21Carly L. | Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"Winning the Sweepstakes helps during times like this where everything seems expensive. We have a 4-year-old, so anything helps us out with that. We love the meat skewers, the roasted chicken salad, and twice baked potatoes."

Cucumber Dilly Salad

22Wendy B. | Pembroke Pines, FL

"This is a big help because I'm temporarily supporting three grandchildren due to my daughter's car accident. I have been shopping here for a long time - I love the bakery, the deli cucumber salad, and broccoli coleslaw with the cranberries."

spring flowers

23Marsha R. | Hilton Head, SC

"My very favorite products are your fresh meat and fish along with specialty items, flowers, beer, and wine selection. The Ultimate Loyalty Experience has wonderful specials every day. I have encouraged several people to sign up. It is easy to do and participate in the Experience!"