Thankful for Friendsgiving

Host a fun-filled gathering that’s sure to become a new tradition.

Friends, food and festivities. What more could you want?

Friendsgiving is one of our favorite ways to kick off the holiday season. As a stand-alone holiday where you get to set the rules, it’s a fun way to try new, unique foods and spend time with some of your favorite people.

There’s no need to repeat the traditional Thanksgiving meal, since most of your friends will likely be enjoying those foods with their families. Keep it fun, creative and easy, and encourage your friends to bring some of their own dishes for a potluck-style feast.

Read on for some of our favorite tips, recipes and shortcuts, and have a happy Friendsgiving!

Feast Mode – Our Friendsgiving Favorites

Whether you’re hosting or attending a Friendsgiving gathering this year, we’ve got you covered. Here are our favorites for Friendsgiving, from traditional dishes to unique finds, that will to take your celebration up a notch from start to finish!

Take and Bake Apple BrieNew! Bourbon Pecan Apple Pie Take & Bake Brie

Take & Bake Brie A guest favorite and hands-down best-seller for the holidays, our Take & Bake Brie is the supreme, easy entertaining appetizer to kick things off for Friendsgiving. Prepared in store and wrapped in a buttery puff pastry, this creamy imported brie serves 4-6 people and is topped with a combination of fruit preserves and almonds or walnuts and is available in flavors including Apricot Almond, Strawberry Walnut or Raspberry Almond. Or try our new flavor, Bourbon Pecan Apple Pie, creamy brie wrapped in buttery puff pastry with a delicious combination of old-fashioned apple butter and bourbon pecans.

Chefs Tip: For a perfectly puffed and evenly browned exterior—in much less time—pop our Take & Bake Brie in the air fryer. Like convection ovens, air fryers cook faster and more efficiently than conventional ovens. Fifteen minutes at 350°F is all you need.

Turducken Bring on the birds! Perfect for those indecisive and meat-loving friends, turducken is the ultimate, un-traditional entrée for Friendsgiving. It’s handmade in store and consists of a boneless duck breast stuffed inside a boneless chicken breast stuffed inside a boneless turkey breast. It’s also packed with garlic and herb dressing and Andouille sausage throughout for even more flavor. Our Turduckens are made fresh in store so see your neighborhood butcher for availability. Want to try it but not sure how to cook it? Try our recipe for Turducken with Bourbon and Thyme Gravy.

Fall Charcuterie Boards

A well-stocked charcuterie board creates a delicious opportunity for guests to linger—and the perfect excuse to open another bottle of wine! Combine your favorite cheese varieties with meats, crackers, jams and other nibbles to make the perfect board. Here are some of our guest favorites & special finds!

Fall Cheese Board

Parmigiano Reggiano Sourced from a small-batch cooperative in Italy and aged 24 months, our Parmigiano Reggiano has the perfect balance of nutty, fruity flavors and a deliciously creamy texture.

Fresh Mozzarella Our unparalleled selection of mozzarella varieties includes burrata, mozzarella pearls and our handwrapped mozzarella balls that are made fresh each week.

Firefly Black & Blue Goat Cheese Milder and more approachable than blue cheese made with traditional cow’s milk, this goat’s milk blue cheese is creamy and luscious with a delicate piquancy. Try it drizzled with honey or dried fruits.

The Fresh Market Prosciutto Italiano Made from whole pork legs handcoated in Himalayan sea salt and slowly cured for 12 months, this guest-favorite prosciutto has a sweet, salty, nutty taste and a delicate, buttery texture.

The Fine Cheese Co. Crackers or Toasts These light and thin crackers and toasts bring subtle flavors and a delicate crunch to your cheese board. Try Apricot, Pistachio & Sesame Seed toasts and Fig, Honey & Extra Virgin Olive Oil crackers

Dalmatia Forest Honey Sourced from Croatian oak trees in late summer, this moderately sweet honey pairs well with rich, nutty cheeses like Tuscan pecorino, Parmigiano Reggiano or aged manchego.

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The Fresh Market Friendsgiving Menu

Need some menu inspiration? We’ve put together some of our favorite creative appetizers, mains, sides and desserts. Each section includes something you can make yourself, along with an item that’s ready-made—no prep required.

Easy Appetizers

While you and your friends sip on cocktails, it’s a good idea to have some snacks on hand. Try these lighter bites on for size. We recommend avoiding heavy dishes so your guests don’t fill up before the main event.

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms with Lemon and ParmesanCrab Stuffed Mushrooms

Make It: Crab Stuffed Mushrooms with Lemon and Parmesan This easy-to-make, crowd-pleasing appetizer comes together in just 30 minutes. Simply fill seasonal stuffing mushrooms with our popular Ultimate Lump Crab Cakes, Panko breadcrumbs, Parmesan, lemon zest and crushed red pepper for a little kick. These mushrooms can easily be made ahead of time and reheated when it’s time to eat.

Take It: No celebration is complete without a Party Platter! Pick up one (or several) for your next Friendsgiving or holiday gathering. Choose from mini sandwiches and savory wraps, classic crudité, gourmet desserts and more. Pre-order your Party Platters online online or in-store today!

Main Dishes

Friendsgiving is a great excuse to serve something a little different. Try Roasted Turkey flavored with harissa chili paste and maple syrup, or an all-in-one Thanksgiving Pie.

Maple Harissa Roasted TurkeyMaple Harissa Roasted Turkey

Make It: Maple Harissa Roasted Turkey Add layers of flavor to your Turkey with a unique combination of ingredients, like harissa chili paste, garlic, maple syrup and brown sugar. Our Maple Harissa Turkey recipe

Take It: Fully Cooked Whole Turkey Make all your Thanksgiving dreams come true with this perfectly cooked holiday staple, without all the mess and fuss! Simply heat and serve. Reheating may take 1 – 3 hours.

Standout Sides

From savory curried sweet potatoes to loaded au gratin potatoes, these stellar sides make it easy to round out your Friendsgiving feast.

Red Curry Sweet Potatoes with crushed peanuts, lime and mint
Curry Sweet Potatoes with Crushed Peanuts, Lime and Mint

Make It: Red Curry Sweet Potatoes with Crushed Peanuts, Lime and Mint This savory dish combines traditional ingredients with unexpected flavors to create a truly unique side. Black garlic adds complexity and depth of flavor, while curry paste, coconut milk and brown sugar add sweet, savory richness. Don’t skimp on the mint, cilantro and peanut topping. It provides brightness and crunch to create the perfect balance of flavors and textures.

Take It: Loaded Au Gratin Potato Tray This dish is made with our loaded potato salad, cheddar cheese and savory bacon. It’s everything you love about a loaded baked potato, with the richness of traditional au gratin potatoes. Available in our Deli.

Sweet Endings

No need to stress over the final course. Let us take care of the sweet stuff! Our Triple Ginger Chocolate Chip Cookies are always a hit. If you’re short on time, feed the whole family (and then some) with our family-sized tiramisu.

Triple Ginger Chocolate Chip CookiesTriple Ginger Chocolate Chip Cookies

Make It: Triple Ginger Chocolate Chip Cookies We love serving these festive, flavorful cookies during the holidays. They’re made with Wholesome Organic Molasses, along with fresh, ground and crystallized ginger, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Semi-sweet chocolate chips add rich chocolate flavor that plays well with the bold flavors of ginger and spice. Bring a batch to your Friendsgiving gathering and watch them disappear!

Take It: Family Sized Tiramisu We’ve made it easy to enjoy our traditional tiramisu in a family-sized portion. This convenient tray serves 12-16 hungry guests. Available in our Bakery.

5 Tips for a Fabulous Friendsgiving

Hosting Friendsgiving should be fun. Keep it light and creative, and enlist your friends to help, too. We do recommend making a game plan, so the whole affair can be smooth sailing. With a little planning ahead, you’ll have a memorable, stress-free gathering destined to become a new tradition. Here are some of our go-to tips.

1. Keep it simple. Avoid laborious, time-intensive recipes. The easiest option is to host a potluck-style gathering. Prepare a main course and maybe a starter and let your friends handle the rest. For the table setting, keep decorations minimal and inexpensive. We like to tuck fresh sprigs of thyme or rosemary in guests’ napkins, add a few unscented votives and decorate with available greenery and berries. Instead of regular butter, opt for Keller Turkey Butter Sculpture from our Dairy Department. Continue the turkey theme with our delicious Chocolate Turkeys crafted from fair-trade milk or dark chocolate. For more ideas, check out our decorating tips.

2. Start early. Whether it’s setting the table or assembling a casserole, anything you can do ahead of time will help you check one more thing off your to-do list. That means more time with your friends on the day-of, and isn’t that what this is all about?

easter vegetable prep

3. Take shortcuts. We offer a variety of pre-washed, cut-in-store vegetables, so you don’t have to chop, slice, dice and clean up the leftovers. Remember, not everything has to be made entirely from scratch in order to be delicious. Discover ways you can save time without sacrificing quality or flavor.

4. Rethink the menu. This doesn’t have to be your traditional Thanksgiving meal. Chances are, your friends will be having turkey and dressing on Turkey Day, so why not mix up the menu? Try proteins, spices and preparations you wouldn’t typically employ. Keep it fun, fresh and creative!

5. Don’t forget the music! A fun gathering calls for fun music, which also helps set the tone for the meal. Keep your playlist casual and upbeat—think Motown and classic oldies with some modern tunes mixed in.

Pro Tip: Ask your friends to bring food containers so they can take leftovers home with them.

Festive Sips to Satisfy the Whole Bunch

Wine is always great to have for your meal, but while you’re mixing and mingling with friends, cocktails are the way to go. Make a big batch ahead of time so you’ll have enough to satisfy a crowd and won’t have to play bartender.

White Sangria with Ginger Beer

1White Sangria Punch

We love punch-bowl recipes for get-togethers with friends. Our White Sangria Punch is a real crowd-pleaser. Fresh grapes, citrus, Sauvignon Blanc and Fentiman’s Ginger Beer mingle with rosemary sprigs for a refreshing sip.

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Fall Sangria

2Fall Sangria

We also have a delicious recipe for Fall Sangria made with red wine, cranberry juice, The Fresh Market Sparkling Mineral Water, blackberries, raspberries and pomegranates that your friends will love.

View recipe
Cranberry Citrus Fizz

3Cranberry Citrus Fizz

If you want something that sparkles, go for Cranberry Citrus Fizz made with sparkling lemonade, blood orange and cranberry juice. We use lemonade ice cubes in this recipe, so you won’t have to deal with a diluted drink!

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4Cranberry Blueberry Smash for a Crowd

Finally, our Cranberry Blueberry Smash for a Crowd is always a smash hit. Fresh mint, lime, bourbon and ginger beer play well with tart cranberries and blueberries.

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Pomegranate French 75

5Pomegranate French 75

Move over, cranberries—it’s pomegranate season, too! The sweet and tangy seeds, called arils, inside each pomegranate make a flavorful addition to a range of dishes. But our favorite way to sample them is in a fruity, bubbly cocktail.

View recipe